2014 Pro Bowl

In January, we will send one cheerleader to Hawaii to represent the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in the Pro Bowl!!! The Pro Bowl requires a DCC that can handle a rigorous appearance and performance schedule in addition to learning approximately 10 new sideline dances. She will be heavily photographed, make numerous appearances, and dance alongside other NFL cheerleaders.

Like the NFL Pro Bowl player representatives, this year’s Pro Bowl cheerleader will be selected through a combination of DCC, staff and fan voting.  We’d like to hear who YOU think deserves this honor.

You should choose the one DCC who has exemplified the following:

  • Attitude
  • Cooperation
  • Team Spirit
  • Personal Behavior
  • Performance
  • Leadership
  • Self-confidence
  • Public Speaking Skills
  • Poise
  • Powerful Dancer
  • Showmanship
  • Projection

2013 DCC Veterans

Sydney Durso
6th year veteran
Jackie Bob
5th year veteran
Mia Greenhouse
5th year veteran
Nicole Bulcher
4th year veteran
Lauren Williams
4th year veteran
Amelia Bren
3rd year veteran
Angela Rena
3rd year veteran
Brittney Schram
3rd year veteran
Emma Mary
3rd year veteran
Holly Arielle
3rd year veteran
Katy Marie
3rd year veteran
Mackenzie Lee
3rd year veteran
Veronica Ann
3rd year veteran
Alex Hermes
2nd year veteran
Ashley Marie
2nd year veteran
Carisa Rose
2nd year veteran
Danielle Marie
2nd year veteran
Jacie Veronica
2nd year veteran
Jasmine Raphaella
2nd year veteran
Jenna Lene
2nd year veteran
Jennifer Alexis
2nd year veteran
Jessica Marie
2nd year veteran
Jordan Elizabeth
2nd year veteran
Kelsey Lauren
2nd year veteran
Kim Nicole
2nd year veteran
Kinzie Ryanne
2nd year veteran
Olivia Rene
2nd year veteran
2015 Pro Bowl
Who is your vote for the 2015 Pro Bowl?

    Previous Pro Bowl Representatives

    1993- Dorie Braddy
    1994- Tandra Cromer
    1995- Dorie Braddy
    1996- Regina Tucker
    1997- Shelly Boston Bramhall
    1998- Stephanie Strunc
    1999- Pennie Booker
    2000- Megan Willsey
    2001- Cindi Burck Alsobrook
    2002- Melissa Valdez Gutierrez
    2003- Shannon Swanson Gulbis
    2004- Kelly Kirchoff
    2005- Brandi Nace Redmond
    2006- Lynlee Allen
    2007- Megan Fox
    2008- Misty Duncan
    2009- Nicole Hamilton
    2010- Justine Phillips Orf
    2011- Brittany Evans
    2012- Ally Traylor
    2013-Whitney Isleib