Audition Questions #2

Another question I usually get is, “What happens the first day of auditions?” The first day of tryouts is called Prelims and it’s open to everyone. You’ll want to register beforehand, either online or by sending a hard-copy of the form to the DCC office (instructions are on our website).

The morning of Prelims you will be standing in line with around 600 other women hoping to gain a spot on the team. This will also be your first interaction with the CMT cameras that will be filming Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team. Many of the girls who are interviewed during Prelims have had their registration forms and biographies scrutinized before getting there and it’s pretty random who the show decides to follow.

Personally, I was worried enough about trying out and didn’t want to worry about being followed for the show. My friend and I were so relieved to fly under the CMT radar during auditions – another blessing being from Idaho. They never saw us coming!

After you check in and receive your number, everyone has time to “fluff and puff” before starting the freestyle round. I would recommend showing up ready to go. The last thing you want to do is botch a first impression. Even though the judges won’t see you until you hit the floor, the volunteers who will be running the show are former DCCs who are just as important, and you want to meet them with your best foot forward. My friend and I arrived with full hair and makeup and were able to just stretch and practice our dances while many other girls scrambled to take out rollers and put on makeup.

Everyone sits in numerical order surrounding the dance floor. You watch groups of four or five girls freestyle for 60 seconds. When you first walk onto the floor, you will pass a microphone and introduce yourself to the judges. This is not the time to tell your life story. Say your name, age, hometown and maybe what you do; keep it succinct! The judges have your bio in front of them and you have 600 girls waiting for their turns who are not interested in what your Teacup Yorkie’s name is.

The music is usually a mix of top 40 and you don’t know what will be played until it’s your turn. I do not excel at free-styling, so I had prepared several different bits of choreography that would go to any upbeat music. This worked well for me because my song was left playing past the 60-second mark … and I knew this because Ialmost used up all of my pre-fab “free-styling” (when timed before auditions it was nearly two minutes worth of material!) and my song was “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, which kept playing through the slow, awkward talking part! I am glad I over-prepared.

After you’re done, you’ll go sit back in your seat and watch the rest of the girls. In my opinion, it comes across as rude to go nap, text or spend the rest of the four-plus hours fluffing and puffing. Have the courtesy of watching all the girls who watched you. Also, the cameras are everywhere so keep your facial expressions in check!

After the judges deliberate, Security Guard Phil will roll the white-board outside with the numbers of those who make it to the Semifinals written on it. This process won’t happen quickly, so be patient and enjoy being there. The stadium is beautiful and just reaching that point is an accomplishment!

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    1. I’m thinking about trying out in the future(2-3years from now) but I only did dance when I was younger and did gymnastics for 9 years and I want to train to become a cheerleader but idk how to start or whether or not its too late to train for it

      • Hi Courtney,

        In my opinion, it’s never too late to train and audition. Life is short and you should go for what makes you happy! It will definitely take hard work but anything worth having is worth working for! You never know what you’re capable of until you push yourself.

        I hope this gives you the confidence to audition :D Good luck!


    2. I am wanting to try out for the 2013 year!I have been a cheerleader my whole life but, I have never taken any dance classes! I’ve always been able to pick up choreography fast and do it great when it comes to the dancing part of our performaces. The one thing I have never tried is spins. Is that a big part of what ya’ll do?

      • Miranda Nicole says:

        OMG this is the same question that i want answered too :) I also don’t have a background in dance but have been cheerleading in the past! I want to tryout for the 2013 squad. I read one of the DCC’s story on being a Cowboys cheerleader and she said she doesn’t have a lot of technique in her dancing. She has been a DCC for 5 years so that should say something lol

    3. Allanté Krishun Walker says:

      I have a question that may seem a bit silly in regards to my size. I am very petite. 4’11” and 97 pounds. I do however have natural curves because it runs in my family and I work out but I’ve always been very small. I truly admire the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders and dancing is my passion so I want to tryout but I’ve been told by different people that my height would probably be a disadvantage. So I wanted to know if the DCC organization look for mainly taller ladies? I’ve met some DCC’s before and they were pretty tall. Is this just a myth or is that really something the judges look at??

      • Miranda Nicole says:

        As i read on the DCC website, there is no height requirements listed, I think if your dance and personality outshine your height then they will see passed that :) I’m like 5′-5’1 and I have been asking myself that same question. But i guess we will never know unless we try!!!

    4. I’m 14 years old and am a cheerleader at my school. I have never done dance and being a DCC is my dream. So should I start taking dance classes now?

    5. Hi! I am VERY much considering trying out this year! I have been dancing sense I could walk (I am 19 years old and have been dancing for 17 years!) I also was a cheerleader for 3 years, and I was on my schools varsity dance team for 4 years! I have won three awards in dance (best facials, best hip hop, and tightest)! I was very worried though, about my height. I am 4’11, just about 5 foot. I am very fit, I am currently in school for nutrition and I work out 6 days a week for an hour and a half each day. With all of these things being considered, is my height holding me at a disadvantage?

      • Allanté Krishun Walker says:

        Hey Kristin I was reading through the questions after I entered mine and I noticed that me and you have a lot in common. I am 19 and have been dancing forever as well! I am also 4’11 and about 96 pounds so Im petite just like you and I always wondered if my height would be an issue. seems like we are in the same boat lol. I was recognized in high school for having the highest kicks on my drill team. and I see that you have been recognized for things too. I hope that our height will not hold us back from our dream as a member of the DCC but I really think that with our passion and experience in dance/cheerleading we should definitely give it a shot! (you’re not alone! im glad there is someone I can relate to) So…Hopefully I see you at the auditions for 2013-14!

    6. Cierra Jordan says:

      Hey! I’ve been waiting to audition to become a DCC for an extremely long time now and I’ll finally be old enough to try out this year! My only question is I won’t be a high school graduate until may 29th and the tryouts are the 4-5, would this be an issue?

    7. Shalancia Brown says:

      Hi I really want to try out for the dallas cowboy cheerleaders in 2015 but I stopped cheering in the 8th grade. And the DCC ‘s is my lifetime dream.I may need a few tips for increasing my flexibility and fat burning .!!!!!!!

    8. I was wondering if the cheerleaders have to perform in cold conditions and if so do they wear the ‘small’ uniform or is there a warmups or something the cheerleaders get to wear so they dont freeze. I am dying to know cuz Id luv to audition even tho I have arthritis (Im only 26 BTW :) ) and cold presents a little challenge but is not a total deal breaker! Thanks for any info you can give me, you guys are awesome.

    9. Caitlin Cordoba says:

      My name is caitlin I am actually training for next years audition right now! I am so excited to get the opportunity to tryout for the DCC! Its been mine and my families dream for me to make the team if there is any pointers or advice that could help that would be great! I want to show the world that just because im 18 doesnt mean im to young to succeed in life!

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