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2014 DCC Auditions (4)The 2014 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders final auditions took place on May 17 inside AT&T Stadium with a myriad of storylines encompassed in the 85 ladies from all over the world who were on hand to showcase their talents in hopes of making it one step closer to this year’s team. Fifty-five candidates were chasing their dreams of becoming one of America’s Sweethearts while 30 veterans returned in hopes of continuing their journey of a lifetime.

The final audition began with the individual talent portion, better known as the “solo,” inside the AT&T Star Club. The ladies had 90 seconds to “Stand out from the crowd” and catch the judges attention with singing and dancing performances that allowed the judges panel to see each performer’s personality and creativity. Songs for the solos ranged from Jimmy Hendrix’s “Foxy Lady” to Aerosmith’s “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)” and featured three different renditions of Fergie’s “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody (All We Got)” from the movie The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

2014 DCC Auditions (19)Following a short break to change into DCC practice attire, the ladies reconvened down on the field at the 50-yard line underneath the monumental 160-feet wide by 72-feet high HD video board. The candidates would take the field in 17 groups of five and twice perform the choreography that was introduced in the semifinal round of auditions, before executing two rounds of the DCC signature kick-line. DJ EJ, the DJ of the Dallas Cowboys, DCC and AT&T Stadium, cued up “Move” by Little Mix for the routine and “Get Up (A Cowboys Anthem)” by Kelly Clarkson for the kick-line. The judges were seated in the stands looking directly at the video board, giving them the point of view of fans attending Cowboys home games.

Once the final group had completed their performance, the ladies work was finished and the results were in the hands of the judges as the deliberations were set to begin. The results could have come as early as 6 p.m., but with the importance to the organization as well as the hopes and dreams of 85 ladies on the line, it was expected to be a longer wait.

“On the field, that is my time to shine,” said Nicole, who is re-auditioning in hopes of returning for her fifth season with the DCC. “I know the style and I feel very confident when I am down on the field dancing with my friends. This part, the waiting, is actually the happiest I have been in the last two weeks because it is out of my hands, and I am very proud of the hard work I put in to get to this moment.”

While some of the candidates share her perspective of relief after leaving it all out on the field, many others grew increasingly more anxious as the minutes turned into hours. Some of the ladies began to worry that no matter how many prep classes they attended or how well they performed, the distinct possibility existed that with the decisions being so subjective, they could slip through the cracks.

2014 DCC Auditions (26)Shortly after 9 p.m., DCC Director Kelli Finglass returned with Judy Trammell and Charlotte Jones-Anderson to an awaiting group of ladies sitting on the edge of their seats in anticipation.

“This has been the most talented group of finalists we have ever had,” Finglass said, before announcing the names of the 43 ladies who would continue on to the two-month long training camp with the opportunity to be a member of this year’s DCC. She began by announcing the winner of the online Fan Vote, Loren from McKinney, and when she called the final name, Vivian from Carrollton, there were three returning vets who had re-auditioned and were not invited back to camp. There were tears of joy and sadness as those who made the cut were faced with the mixed emotions of continuing their dreams while knowing the harsh reality that those of some of their close friends were coming to an end.


The 43 ladies invited to training camp are:

Jennifer (Frisco, Texas)

Mary (Tulsa, Okla.)

Jessica (Cedar Rapids, Iowa)

Hannah (Prosper, Texas)

Christina (Fort Worth, Texas)

Jordan (Plano, Texas)

Chandler (Southlake, Texas)

Samantha (San Marcos, Calif.)

Courtney (Dover, Fla.)

Angela (Sydney, Australia)

Emma (Houston, Texas)

Nicole (Twin Falls, Idaho)

Jasmine (Maplewood, N.J.)

Kelsey (Eden Prairie, Minn.)

Ashley (Sioux Falls, S.D.)

Jinelle (Melbourne, Australia)

Ashley (Chandler, Ariz.)

Holly (Denton, Texas)

Mallory (Plano, Texas)

Jenna (Orange County, Calif.)

Victoria (Arnaudvillle, La.)

Meagan (Gainesville, Fla.)

Veronica (Austin, Texas)

Vivian (Carrollton, Texas)

Erika (Friendswood, Texas)

Jessica (Albuquerque, N.M.)

Paige (West Dundee, Ill.)

Danielle (Holbrook, N.Y.)

Lacey (Southlake, Texas)

Brittney (Dallas, Texas)

Katy (Coppell, Texas)

Breelan (Rockwall, Texas)

Sydney (Mission, Texas)

Melissa (Las Vegas, Nev.)

Ashley (Russellville, Ark.)

Abby (Round Rock, Texas)

Loren (McKinney, Texas)

Rachel (Whitehouse, Texas)

Jennifer (Jacksonville, Fla.)

Kinzie (Plano, Texas)

Caila (Sunnyvale, Texas)

Alexandra (St. Petersburg, Fla.)

Jacie (Monroe, La.)

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    1. Michelle Risk says:

      I am surprised that Courtni, Morgan, and Alex were cut. It will be an interesting show on Making the Team! I am also surprised that there was only other country, Australia, represented when they said there were 3 other countries trying out.

    2. Cynthia says:

      HOnestly, can’t say I’m surprised about Morgan. She BARELY made it in last season. I am kind of surprised about Alex. Wonder if they’ll show why.

    3. Carlos Suárez says:

      With Morgan not qualifying for finals, hopefully Vivian, who have a tsunami of support from last year to now, she could ride the wave and hopefully join the team.

      • Hope Vivian is given a real chance this year. She was robbed last year for sure. Who wouldn’t want to look at that beautiful girl dancing and cheering. she has it all!

    4. Sherri McFadden says:

      I see that MaKenzie (sp) and a few others decided not to return. I will miss MacKenzie, she was my favorite.

    5. Cynthia says:

      Mia, Jackie, Lauren, Mackenzie, Amelia, Carisa, Olivia, and Kim I guess decided not to try out. Not sure what happened to Kaitlyn Larae. She was not listed as getting her rookie ring, so that means she didn’t complete the season.

    6. david langley says:


    7. Lisa Bennett says:

      SOOO happy to hear Vivian is trying out again! I thought she was spectacular–absolutely sparkled with personality and sass!
      I hope Jinelle is featured more in the upcoming season of Making the Team…she’s a terrific dancer and seems very sweet and approachable.
      Very sorry to hear of the departure of Carisa, MacKenzie,Mia, Jackie, Lauren, and Kim–they are all wonderful and classy. I wish them huge success for the future.

    8. Yet again ,no Asian babes.This is the 4th year in a row. Are only blondes girls allowed to try out? This Barbie Universe garbage needs to stop,it needs to be the hottest .Also women judging women is wrong. They need guys picking the cheerleaders. Women hate on pretty women and a lot of American women are jealous of Asian girls beauty…Also Latinas are freaking hot and they always on a short list also.You tell me after you Google Image Search.Christine Mendoza,Francine Dee,Carolyn Savage,and Natashya Yi and tell me Asian women are not beautiful.

      • It’s not about race, it’s about a woman’s ability to perform.

      • ummmmm, are you really not understanding that maybe some of the girls that you want to be on the team aren’t trying out??? For heaven sakes. Everyone who tries out has a chance if they are in shape, trained in dance and gorgeous!

    9. 18 blondes,yet no Asians,few sistas ,and Latinas? What is wrong with this picture?

    10. Pugbuddy says:

      A Tulsa girl is on the team! Well done, Mary!

    11. Cynthia says:

      just tried clicking on Hannah’s twitter, and it’s not coming up. Wonder if she left camp or got cut?

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