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Mailbag – 11/15

Sydney fills in for Kelli to answer some questions that came from and our official Facebook page.

Kelli McDonald asks “I’m a Native Californian and am fascinated with Southern gentility. Do you require the girls to say “yes, ma’am” or do they just know to answer that way? It sounds so nice but it is so rare in CA…”

I’ve said “yes ma’am” since my rookie year so I think it’s tradition — it’s respectful; we say “yes, ma’am” to each other, to our upper veterans, Kelli, Judy, everyone.  I love it and I’m going to keep the tradition going.

James Manak asks “Are the DCC given an opportunity to volunteer for the USO tours overseas or are they chosen (if so, how?)?”

During training camp we’re all given the opportunity to audition for Show Group which is the 12 girls that go overseas on USO Tours.  It is a very hard process but an amazing opportunity if selected.  I’m actually going on my 3rd USO Tour overseas this Christmas.

Thanks for the questions, make sure you visit all the girls at Planet Tan this Saturday, November 17th at 15 different locations from 11am – 1pm.

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    1. Hey Sydney,I’ve Feeling following UP ON Y’all ON CMT And This Is Chris Michael Hampton,I’ma 34 Year Old Autistic Male Adult From Arnold,Mo. And Do Y’all Get Christams Cards,Valentines Day Cards,Birthday Cards,Fan Letters as well,And I Want To Congraulate 12 Girls Going On The USO Tour and I’ve Never Went On a Overseas
      Trip and I’m Throwing My Support For The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders,and The DCC Organization And I’ll Throw My Support For ARnold’s Ward 1 City Councilwoman
      Doris Borgelt For ARnold’s Mayor 2013 It’s Local Where I’m From,And It’s Nice and
      You are A Veryy NIce,Sweet,Beautiful DCC Girl and I’ll Send Y’all Christmas Cards as well. and I’Ve Watched Yall At the NFL Games And ON CMT as well.Syd Vicious Keep
      Up The Good Work. and Thanks For the Lovely 2 Post Card Pictures,a nd The Squad Photo as well. And What Do You Get TastyCakes and Hello kitty Combined,Tastykitty
      Fur Free Fat Free and What Do Get With Scope Mouthwash,Footlang Hotdogs Combined,Foot In the Mouthwash By Joe Biden,And It’s A Blessing To Help Out FANs
      and I’m Glad To Have You As My Friend and I Would Like TO Meet You In PErson SOmeday and Congratulations On MAking The Team And Being Group LEader as well.
      Have You HEard Of Phineas and Ferb It’s a Very Funny Cartoon. ANd Rock On and
      Go Cowboys Beat the Cleveland Browns.
      Chris Hampton From Arnold,Missouri

    2. so can wait till they start gettin simething new here again and i really cant wait 2 see who gets chosen 2 be the 2013 pro bowl cheerleader. hopefully itll be whitney.

    3. I love watching you guys on CMT and i am throwin my full suport for the DCC organization.

    4. Is there a rule that you can only serve 5 years as a DCC. I have watched the show on CMT now for several years and by watching it is quite apparent why the DCC are the best in the world !!

    5. Hi there gorgeous man if merryed that guy you have his the luckiest person alive

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