1. I just wanted to say how much I really enjoy watching the making the team series and the Famous DCC…. You gals are really the most talented, beautiful, and sweetest cheerleaders in the NFL. I am your biggest fan….lol…just kidding …but seriously I am a huge fan of the squads and what you do as far as supporting the troops, DCC mini girls camp, and just helping in many other functions around the world and at home. I am proud to be from Arlington Tx. now more so since Jerry Jones moved the stadium there. I live in Caliornia but my roots remain in Arlington TX. and someday soon i will be back to cheer you and the cowboys as you represent us at home games. Love each squad, but my favorite DCC are Trisha Trevino, Sunni Cranfill, Meagan Fox, Misty Duncan, Justine Philips, Sarah Gourley, Katlin Ilseng, Tobie Percival, Britnay Schram, and Elizabeth Davis. I enjoyed each of there personalities, beauty, and professionalism. Thanks for the memories…David

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