Director's Chair

A New Season

I thought I’d spend today giving our friends and fans a quick overview of what the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders have been doing this summer.

We chose 45 ladies to enter training camp this past May, and have trained with great focus to prepare for this 2012 NFL Football Season. We now have 39 official Cheerleaders, 50 dance routines ready to perform, and 2 preseason games under our belt!

As fans, the DCC are getting ready to watch the Cowboys take on the Seattle Seahawks IN Seattle this weekend. Since NFL Cheerleaders do NOT travel with teams for away games, the DCC will be watching the game from home.

Since we’ve introduced our first ever DCC Fantasy Football League, the Cheerleaders have a new curiosity for all the teams in the NFL in a friendly competition amongst themselves. We have 10 teams in the DCC league, and in the lead this week is “Victoria’s Secret” led by Veteran DCC Lauren Williams. Out of 10 teams, I’m the proud manager of “Earth, Wind, and Fire” which is in 9th place out of 10 teams!

Next week’s focus is finishing touches on DCC performances for our first home REGULAR SEASON game against Tampa!

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