Director's Chair

A New Season

The Cheerleaders have had a great week so far!

We helped build a playground at Williams Prep Academy with volunteers from the community. The Cheerleaders and Cowboys players teamed up with United Healthcare to encourage active lifestyles by visiting classrooms and actually helping construct a playground. It was an amazing event for a lucky group of kids at Williams Prep Academy.

This week’s evening rehearsals have been focused on preparing sideline dances for our upcoming Redskins’ game. We do have one knee injury that is being treated by Cowboys doctors, but we are hopeful that with therapy from our medical team over the next 11 days before ourMonday Night Football game, four-year Veteran Brittany Evans will be able to perform fully with our squad.

We are also beginning to cast and block our Show Group Show for upcoming events and USO tours for the holiday season. The Show Group Show entitled “America and Her Music” has 16 elaborately costumed and choreographed routines featuring 12 DCC, and takes months to prepare for our annual holiday tour to Korea.

And finally, we are looking forward to a week rehearsing on the turf at Cowboys Stadium to put finishing touches on our feature routines for the game against the Redskins!

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