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Changed Women

I am so excited. Our tour group returns tonight from their Holiday Tour of Korea and Okinawa, Japan.

Due to the grueling schedule on a USO Tour, the ladies will return tired, maybe sick and certainly sore from performances at 21 installations. But, they will return to the U.S. changed women.

Visiting guard posts, having breakfast, lunch and dinner with the men and women at military installations so far from home, and performing for the most appreciative audiences worldwide, will have a lasting effect on the DCC.

They see firsthand the dedication and sacrifices our men and women in uniform make for our freedom and the safety and freedom of others. They experienced firsthand the culture, climate and government of different nations. They flew in different types of military aircraft and visited everything from huge bases that house thousands to a guard post that is home to only seven Americans on a mountaintop in South Korea.

Upon the Cheerleaders landing on good, ol’ U.S. soil, we will be posting photos, videos and personal stories atDallasCowboysCheerleaders.comFacebook and Twitter from the 12 DCC that traveled on this marvelous journey.

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