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Week 2 of the NFL changed everything for our new Cheerleader Fantasy Football League. Lauren Williams’ team slipped from 1st place to 3rd place. With the help of San Diego’s Philip Rivers at Quarterback and Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson at Wide Receiver, first place in the DCC league is now “Bone Crushin Ballerina” managed by Mia Greenhouse. Meanwhile, my humble team, “Earth, Wind, and Fire” won our matchup and crept up one position to 8th place with Giants Quarterback Eli Manning as our Quarterback.

This week the DCC are focused on putting the finishing touches on our most exciting performance so far—our home opener at Cowboys Stadium against Tampa Bay. You can feel the passion and focus around Valley Ranch to win big and bold this weekend against Tampa. We’ve had two very DIFFERENT ballgames against the Giants and Seattle, and we WANT and NEED to win this game.

Halftime for this weekend’s Cowboys/Tampa Bay game is going to be spectacular. We are celebrating the reunion of Dallas Cowboys Super Bowl teams. The Cheerleaders are honored to escort Cowboys greats of Super Bowl Xll and Super Bowl XXVll to midfield, including Troy Aikman, Jay Novacek, Billy Joe DuPree, and Cliff Harris.

Be sure to check out CMT this Friday at 8pm to watch episode 3 of “DCC Making the Team” and we hope to see you at Cowboys Stadium this Sunday at 12:00 noon!

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    1. Sherri McFadden says:

      Kelli, I was wondering why there isn’t a place where the rookies who are in training camp couldn’t stay for free while they are in training. Why do they get jobs and have to find places to live before they even see if they will be a DCC? Seems to me you are requiring them to put the cart before the horse. I would imagine if they don’t make it many go back home and continue with jobs they had or find jobs in their home towns. Seems so much more practical to put them up while they are in training then they don’t have the stress of having to find jobs and housing and they can concentrate more on being the best they can be. If they make the team then they find jobs and a permanent place to live. Just curious.

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