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Director’s Mailbag – 10/11

Kelli answers some fan questions from the Official Facebook Page of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.  Make sure to “like” the DCC on Facebook for more cheerleader photos, videos and news.

Crystal B. asks “Do you ever get attached to a training camp candidate then have to let them go right before the season starts?”

Kelli: I do, it’s happened several years.  We work with them so many weeks in training camp we can’t help but get close to the cheerleaders.  Alex Hermes we cut last year and I literally cried when she left the room.  This year she tried out again, she’s made the team and it’s come full circle and I’m very proud for her.

Dana E. asks “What kind of changes do you see to the DCC since you were a DCC?”

Kelli: Well obviously our TV show has brought new activity and visibility for the cheerleaders on CMT and our swimsuit calendar is a huge project which involves over 50 people.  It’s glamourous makeup, photography, and exotic locations and we didn’t have that — we brought our own swimsuit to an apartment swimming pool and took one picture on a cold, November day, and that was it.

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    1. tina crawford says:


    2. This is the best cheerleading squad in the world I wish I can be one some day but I know I am never go to be.I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

    3. I know the show is called “Making the Team” but would love to see more of the prior rookies in the show. It would be nice too see more of the girls from last season along with the training camp canidates.

    4. Harley cagle says:

      Can you be on the team if you have your belly button peirced?

    5. Kelly Brown says:

      Hi Kelli,
      I love the show! My 5 year old daughter is a big fan as well. We watch every Friday night on CMT!! I’m so impressed with how well you and Judy guide and train these candidates. These girls work extremely hard to make that DCC team and I think that you and Judy do a great job at being positive role models to them. Doing what those girls do is a lot harder than it looks and I commend each and everyone of them. Y’all are the best!
      Kelly Brown – Georgia

    6. Sherri McFadden says:

      I am wondering if there ever was a time when a girl made the squad and you realized that you made a mistake in picking her and she became so terrible you had to cut her during the season?

    7. I watched training camp from day one until annoucment of the 2012-2013 DCC TEAM, I do not know what the coaches were thinking when they decided to keep Jasmine Raphaella. From day one to the very end, she was “One Big Mess”. but I guess “yall” see something that no one else that I know of is seeing???? I am a life long “TEXAN” and fan of the DCC. i am a ex cheerleader and even though I am “OLD” now if it is cheerleading I still HAVE to watch it. It is either in your blood or it is not. Jasmine, to me at least, is not “pretty” to watch. It was said best all thru camp, “clunky” and just not pretty to watch on the field. And that, is where it really matters most. I will always be a life long Texan and fan of the DCC but, come on already what is seen in her that I did not see. Everyone else…..YEAH you made it, and it is well deserved. Here’s wishing all of “yall” the best in 2012-2013 and from here on out. It is all up hill from here!!! ENJOY ladies all of you have earned the right to be where you are right this moment. Keep up the hard work, look now how it has paid off…CONGRATS from a life long fan.

      • Wow! I am truly surprised that you felt that this message board was an appropriate tool to voice your opinion about this young lady. I totally understand that everyone has the freedom of speech, but my goodness, your comments are mean.
        To be very honest with you Sandra, as I read your message, I got a visual of someone who knows Jasmine personally, and is jealous. Jealous of her good fortune and success. Is it possible that you too have auditioned or always wanted to audition for a “professional” cheerleading team, but for whatever reason, was not selected? (I noted that you said you were an ex-cheerleader, but you did not state whether when you were in middle school, high school, college, semi-professional or professional.) And that you and Jasmine are associates in some way, and she has been afforded the opportunity to be on two NFL cheerleading squads now?
        As I close, I feel the need to add that I am in no way trying to call you out- the tone of my writing I don’t believe conveys that I am. I did feel very strongly that I could not allow your comments to be posted without someone sharing that they do not agree with you.
        Jasmine, girl, if you get to read these messages, I’m certain that Sandra’s comments have hurt you. I hope that you had “thick enough skin” to not allow them to. I hope also, that my message will at least make you smile, knowing that there is one person who totally does not agree with her post.
        I am still watching the episodes this season. I find you to be very genuine, personable, poised, hard working and committed. As an African-American woman, I also find you to be a positive role model for little girls on up to woman of my age group (I’m 41) and beyond! Keep up the great job! If Kelly and Judy felt enough of you to allow you to be a member of the DCC this year- then they saw a shining light in you that make a wonderful asset to the team! :)

        • Melody,
          I agree with you that Jasmine is right where she belongs and have earned the right to be a DCC I ate my words watching her change and grow every time that I watched her and become a very beautiful DCC. That is why Kelli and Judy are the coaches and I am not. But I am a big enough lady to admit when I am wrong. I thank you for the words that you have posted and NEVER in anyway was I trying or meaning to be MEAN. I am one that sometimes should keep my opions to myself have been told that all my life but I speak what I feel as well as going back and letting her and the coaches know that I WAS WRONG with what I had thought and said. I do welcome your opions and words even when I am wrong. Thank you agian and to Jasmine, again I would like to say that you have grown alot since the start of this season and ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU BELONG. Thank you again Melody for sticking up for someone who deserved to be “stuck” up for or in better words…Stood up for.

        • Sarah Burns says:

          I thought that Jasmine did everything that they asked of her to succeed as a DCC. She certainly deserved the honor.

          I do have an issue with another girl. This is the girl who could not name the Democratic Candidate for President. After thinking it over, she recalled, “Oh yeah. Michelle Obama.”

          I was very surprised when she made it to training camp. She is the one who got cut in the 2nd week for starring in some internet porn.

          I’d love to know why they decided to take her to training camp.

          • I totally agree w u, Sarah Burns. I have an idea why she was chosen, but don’t want to publish my idea. I feel like there were a ton of girls, including some veterans, that should have been chosen. She took up a space. I’m glad she was dismissed. She’s not too bright.

    8. Our 14 tear old granddaughter will be here for xmas and we are taking to the game on December 23rd. She is a cheerleader and would love to meet the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders. Is there any kind of meet and greet before or after the game were she could meet them?

    9. Kelli, I’ve never been the cheerleader type but through the show, this website, hearing you on Talkin Cowboys (Mickey should have you on more often), I have come to love and respect cheerleaders but especially the DCC. I always knew it was hard work, at least I knew it would be if I tried to do anything they do. Now I can see how much work and dedication it takes, with them working or attending school and performing, its an inspiration.
      I think it was last season, you told one of the candidates they had to watch their appearance, even at their “day job”, as they are representing the Dallas Cowboys. She was not even a DCC yet and that affected me. I’m not a DCC but I as a fan I represent this team and first impressions are made all the time, I always think about that when I leave the house. How do I want to represent the things I love? – the Dallas Cowboys, God, Family, etc.

    10. This is alot of things in one, a encourgaging words for some, a hope and prayer from me to ANY ONE OUT THERE, and last but by no means lest a word for Kelli. First off, I was given some heart breaking news almost 2 weeks ago that I ALMOST let get the better of me but with God and T.V. my eyes were opened to the fact that even though my doctor told me I could not travel any more and that I knew in my heart I would not be able to “see” a cowboy game again and because of what I was blaming a nurse for (I was hurt badly by a shot a few years ago) I would not let that slow me down however..Well God was determined to open my eyes that HE was going to do with me as HE wished and I had a stroke, just a mini one though but it was still enough to let me know that I had no choice but to do as my doctor had said. But when I walked into his office almost two weeks ago and was told I could not travel anymore I let myself get lost in self pity…Until tonight, I record ALL and anything that has to do with the COWBOYS and while watching DCC God opened my eyes and heart to the fact that just because one door was closed for me did not mean that it was going to be the end of my life and that thanks to him I still had T.V. to stay in touch with my team and yes, I said MY team. Almost 3 years ago my house burned to the ground and I lost EVERYTHING. BUT WHAT i DID NOT LOSE WAS MY LIFE OR THE CHILD THAT THRU c.p.s. that God put into my life to raise. So even that did not get me down, I was and am thankful for what I still had me, him and one of my 2 dogs. had already lost both of my parents, grandparents and aunts and uncles but I WAS STILL ALIVE. Being told I could not travel any,more took more out of me than anything other that losing them ever had. I do not know who it is that is responsible for the recording the the DCC but from the bottom of my heart, I thank them. this is not a sad story but one to encourage anyone who thinks that life is too hard that with love God you still have a reason to look up. I hope that this helps them to see that with love, hope and most of all God, you can oavercome anything. The next thing I would like to ask is that if anyone has a COWBOY jacket that they have outgrown and would consider selling it please email me at “templeminded@aol.come” unfortunally I lost ALL of my cowboy things when my home burned down and the child and his toys being replaced was the most important thing to my and now knowing i will not ber able to return to work this may be my last hope of getting back one thing that was special (not to mention warm) to me.In subject line please put COWBOYS so that I will know it is important to read. If you are like me however, I understand if I had outgrown 500 of them I would have 500 of them hanging on my wall and would not be able to let go of what was special to me so I do understand if it cannot be let go of but, stilll thank God for all of the things he had let me get and have during my life on this earth. I really would understand that letting go of ANYTHING COWBOY just isn’t in the cards. Anyone reading this, please do not take any of this as a “sad” story because that is by no means my intentions of writing this but instead to try to help give enouragement to all who reads it that ANYTHING is possiable and just live everyday as if it were your last and be good to all around you and be ready to go to your REAL home when you are called upon. And to EMMIT SMITH who is as much of a household name as apple pie and football, I think what you done for the DCC was awesome you truly are a very special man as all of your fans have known all along. Now at last…Kelli I just wanted to tell you that even with no sleep and looking at a computer all them hours picking out who would be on the calendare for this year, you are still a very beautiful lady with enegery and “spunk” that helps make the Cheerleaders want to try to keep up with you and Judy and what “yall” are asking them to do. It takes a special squad and person to be a DCC and yet, every year “yall” always make us proud. Keep up the good work even when some decisions are hard for you to do it is always what is best for the image that the world has come to know and love. Thank yall for all of the hard work you have to put in yourselves into to keep the excellent image that is expected from our CHEERLEADERS OF THE COWBOYS…..For the players know in your heart that even though I am not there in person my soul and wishes for a WINNING season is there with you all…Make us proud as you always have and do..GO COWBOYS!!!!!

    11. I love the DCC’s the girls are beautiful and i know how hard they work because i’ve seen the show my question to you is this With Emmit Smith and Melissa Rycroft on this season’s All star edition of Dancing with the stars will the DCC’s be performing on the show

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