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Director’s Mailbag – 10/18

I thought I’d take this time to answer some questions that came to us through and our official Facebook page.

Michael Rodriguez asks: “Why is it that the veteran cheerleaders have to try out every year to make the squad?”

Kelli: We always promote development as a performer and an ambassador for the Dallas Cowboys—we encourage our cheerleaders to be better every year, and we don’t tolerate complacency. The audition process allows our veterans to be challenged every year and continue the quality and growth as a performer.

Mark Leonard asks: “Is there an age limit on DCC candidates?”

Kelli: The minimum age is 18 years and there is no limit. Our oldest cheerleader this season is Jackie Bob at 29 years old.

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    1. I really REALLY like this new site!!!! So much better than before. It’s finally updated and looks fantastic.

    2. After the first game, all the girls put on the cutest boots. Are they Uggs, where did they get them ? Kelli, you are so great by the way, thanks for keeping the integrity of this team!

      • They are from Victoria’s Secret “PINK” line. Available now in the stores.

        • Thanks Kasey! I looked at their website. Are they the Uggs and what color?

          • They are not Uggs. They’re just Pink brand faux fur booties.

            • I think it’s funny that all you guys are saying they are not Uggs, when the Cheerleaders themselves even thanked Ugg Australia, DOZENS of times for their sparkly blue booties. They got them at their yearly campout! THEY ARE UGGS!!! Go read their tweet history on Twitter. I have friends that have even bought pairs now. They are NOT a Victoria’s Secret brand boot. I know you can buy them from or the UGG site.

      • I believe they are Uggs from Victoria’s Secret – the Classic Sparkle Uggs, not from the Pink collection.

        • They are NOT Uggs. Look at the website. PINK BLING FAUX FUR BOOTIES. ONLY AT PINK STORES.

          • They are NOT from Victoria’s Secret!!!! The Victoria’s Secret booties have a sock looking thing attached to the top. The ones the Cheerleaders were wearing did not. I can see why it would be easy to think that since the Victoria’s Secret Pink line makes so much DCC and Cowboys stuff. But they are most certainly NOT a Victoria’s Secret brand boot! The Cheerleaders themselves even thanked Ugg Australia DOZENS of times for their sparkly blue booties that they got at their camp out this year. You can read their tweet history to see the proof AND to see the pictures of them. AND….not to mention, you can read Sydney Durso’s game day sheet for Game 1. Under the “what to pack” section she specifically states “Sparkle Navy UGG BOOTS”. If you want to get a pair like the DCC was wearing, you need to get the actual UGGS. Not the ones from VS. THESE are the ones the cheerleaders had:
            The color they have is called “Deco Blue”. I think some girls were lucky to get ones that had “DCC” spelled out in their sequins. But these “UGG Australia Classic Short Sparkle Boots in Deco Blue” are the ones the Cheerleaders have!!!

    3. Sherri McFadden says:

      Kelli I was wondering why the dances are basically the same. They may have different music but its the same moves most of the time. Gets a little boring.

    4. christine sandes says:

      Have you ever had to dismiss a cheerleaders from the squad because of behavior?

    5. What happened to the message boards on the site?

    6. SnoopyFan says:

      Will there by a WhosWhos article like the ones Ally wrote last year?

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