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Director’s Mailbag – 10/26

I thought I’d take this time to answer some questions that came to us through and our official Facebook page.

Calandra Anderson asks “What did you do about not having enough lockers for the girls? Did you have space to add more?”

This year we chose 39 girls for our squad. We actually only have 37 lockers in our main locker room. It was a conscious decision that we wanted 39 great team members and we basically went into “sharing.” We have 2 cheerleaders that are just around the corner from the main locker room space — they’re on the team, they’re in the room, and they’re part of the squad. We didn’t want quantity of lockers to mandate which individuals made our team, so this year we have 39 cheerleaders sharing locker space for 37.

Lillie Forsyth asks “Do the DCC’s vote on the music that is played during their routines at halftime?”

Music is a very important component of the Cowboys game day production and of course the cheerleaders are always lobbying for their favorites. We try to mix musical genres for our fans at the Cowboys games. We play classic rock, country, hip-hop and mainstream; we play some old-time favorites that we know are crowd favorites and we also introduce more contemporary music each week. Of course the cheerleaders lobby for some of their favorite songs and we are always listening to music. Music is a very important resource for the performance of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

DeShon Allen asks “You are very strict about missing rehearsals has a cheerleader ever missed a game?”

The answer to that is “no.” This season we had a cheerleader miss our game day bus and she was removed from the game — so she missed a game as a consequence for missing the bus. We only have excused absences in a family or medical emergency situation and those are case-by-case and at the Director’s discretion.

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    1. I wonder which DCC it was who missed the bus.

    2. Well Kelli, this is not easy for me to say but, last week when Jasmine was named one of DCC, I said and thought, My GOD what are the coaches seeing that I am not. Well, this week on the cmt show “Making the team” I was MADE to eat my words. I do not know if Jasmine reads this or not but if so I would like to say, “Hats off to you”. a Texan saying when someone is great. I do not know who you have been working with this past week but it does show that someone or something has made you work harder than I have seen this past few months. I made the statement that you were not “pretty” to watch on the field. I take back what I said and I promise you I have been watching you closer than anyone else because of the mistakes I kept seeing. But tonight, you floored me which is not an easy thing to do I might add. What the coaches have seen in you all along, I saw myself tonight, you looked WONDERFUL to watch. You keep up the hard work as all ladies that was honered enough to make the Dcc TEAM should do and you could have a long future with the best TEAM around!!!! I am so very proud of you more so than any of the rest of the ladies because to be able to turn me around when my mind is set, is NOT an easy thing to do but….YOU DID IT. You looked WONDERFUL and beautiful to watch tonight. I should have known with Kelli being from East Texas (Not far from me). She knew what she was doing and seeing in you and, I want you to know that even I am seeing it in you now. I know that you and all of the ladies can keep them stars that you worked so hard to get if all of “Yall” keep up the hard work. And yes, I know, it is hard work but all worth while in the long run you will see,when all of you are old ladies setting on your front porch telling the grand kids your own stories on what it was like for you to be on that field in front of the biggest fans around, you will find yourself stopped in a smile at all that you were able to do because of your time now on the best TEAM that there is…GO DCC…and… GO DC…I am very proud of you all, Jasmine more than anyone because I judged her harder than anyone from my own feelings of not thinking she should be right where she is at ,and BELONGS as
      do you all for all of your hard work….GO, FIGHT,WIN DALLAS COWBOYS we are all behind you but,this year is not so make us PROUD TO BE A TEXAN AND COWBOY FAN. For DCC make us proud as you have every year!!! We are all behind you as well and again….CONGRATS TO ALL THE LADIES, “Yall” have some mighty BIG shoes to fill… Before I forget and close, congrats to the veterns that performed with/for Big and Rich all of you really nailed that one, I do not think I would have been able to do such a wonderfull job as you all did under them same conditions….CONGRATS TO YOU ALL and see you at the game

      • Sandra, I am very proud of you!! (I am new to reading these blogs/messages and started from the September one. When I came across your message sent on October 11th, I responded to it. Problem was, my message might not have gotten read, because it was for a few days back. When I got to this board I see your new message. I’m glad that you’ve retracted your statements. Note, however; possible damage has been done (i.e.; Jasmine’s feelings and her public image have possibly been hurt). Look how things turn out, though! Now I can let my voice be heard too. I went back to the other page and copied my message to you. Here it is:
        Wow! I am truly surprised that you felt that this message board was an appropriate tool to voice your opinion about this young lady. I totally understand that everyone has the freedom of speech, but my goodness, your comments are mean.
        To be very honest with you Sandra, as I read your message, I got a visual of someone who knows Jasmine personally, and is jealous. Jealous of her good fortune and success. Is it possible that you too have auditioned or always wanted to audition for a “professional” cheerleading team, but for whatever reason, was not selected? (I noted that you said you were an ex-cheerleader, but you did not state whether when you were in middle school, high school, college, semi-professional or professional.) And that you and Jasmine are associates in some way, and she has been afforded the opportunity to be on two NFL cheerleading squads now?
        As I close, I feel the need to add that I am in no way trying to call you out- the tone of my writing I don’t believe conveys that I am. I did feel very strongly that I could not allow your comments to be posted without someone sharing that they do not agree with you.
        Jasmine, girl, if you get to read these messages, I’m certain that Sandra’s comments have hurt you. I hope that you had “thick enough skin” to not allow them to. I hope also, that my message will at least make you smile, knowing that there is one person who totally does not agree with her post.
        I am still watching the episodes this season. I find you to be very genuine, personable, poised, hard working and committed. As an African-American woman, I also find you to be a positive role model for little girls on up to woman of my age group (I’m 41) and beyond! Keep up the great job! If Kelly and Judy felt enough of you to allow you to be a member of the DCC this year- then they saw a shining light in you that make a wonderful asset to the team! :)

        • Melody,
          I too am late on reading and posting but I did however reply back to you on your last post but again I will say. I am truly sorry I never meant to be mean in anyway and I never meant to hurt anyone in anyway and pray that I did not. I hope instead that I helped her to work harder to be the excellent DCC that she is today. One person opions right or wrong (as I was wrong) should never make a person decide they are right or let them hurt them in anyway for THEY know what they have inside and know one else dose I’ve always been the type of person that I did not care, I would listen but not let anything ugly or bad get to me. I sometimes forget that everyone is not like me but in no way ever meant to hurt Jasmine with my harsh and very wrong words. As for knowing her or having anything in anyway against her, I did and do not. I treat everyone as I would like to be treated that is why when I saw a change in her that Kelli and Judy had seen all along, I went back and tried to make right my wrong doings. I do however thank you again for sticking and standing up for a lady that had the right to have someone voice a positve feed back where a very wrong negative feedback had been left. Just sorry that it was words that I could not take back. I did do the best that I could with letting her know that yes, I was wrong. I hope if she did not read this but if so, that it gave her encourgement in knowing that she was able to turn around an very negative thought and that was all it was….A thought. Again I would like to say…Jasmine is right where she belongs to be…A DCC. And, agin thank you Melody for corecting a lady that was very wrong. God bless you now and always….Sandra

    3. Kelli, I thought it was amazing how even with having 37 lockers you decided that all the girls deserved to make the team. I figured since you did have an all star team & they need some where to put their things that you had extra lockers. Great season! Great girls! Great show! I’m so happy that we get to see what happens after they make the team!

    4. I’m Houston, and I wonder if the Houston Texans cheerleaders have the same type of training as the DDC. When the season is over, do the DCC get to keep their uniforms or do they have to turn them in?

      After all that work, I think they should keep their uniform. “Making the Team” is a very interesting show to watch. All those routines to learn are exhausting!

    5. I just watched the most recent episode (#8) and I am very disappointed that the “nutritionist” repeated tells the ladies that “carbonation causes cellulite”. This is WRONG and based on myth and misunderstanding rather than actual nutrition science. What other wrong nutritional information or shortcuts is she sharing with the DCCs that may contribute to both unhealthy attitudes and behaviors.
      Please correct this misinformation and, if necessary, find a nutritionist who does her research and knows the **science** behind what she is saying. This is disturbing and disappointing in that these young women are not being advised properly and this misinformation is being spread via television. These young women and this program bill themselves as “role models” to young girls and young women everywhere. Please don’t contribute to the bad information and advice that is so pervasive for girls and women who should be trying to be fit and healthy.

      • Agreed!! This info was very disturbing as it is not true!! I also found it very disturbing that, as a women who struggles with body image, a veteran cheerleader “drinks” 1 or 2 meals a day for fear she will gain weight.

    6. yellowrose says:

      I, agree with with Kristen. Carbonation does not cause cellulite. I don’t agree with her comments about sugar, either. I don’t know about the education a nutritionist has but I think a certified dietician would be a better source of info.

    7. I have a question: why don’t you sell the posters life size of the cheerleaders so we can buy our own pics to put on our walls. Also you could sell bookmarks, cups with their pics on them, and have cheerleader cards with their stats on the back like the football cards. You could really do a lot of things. You could sell star pins so fans can wear a star on their clothes like the cheerleaders wear on their uniform. You could have the stars have the year on it so that they can be collectibles; also have charms bracelets where we can add a star with the year every year to it. So have one big star with little stars that hang down with the years on them. Make the cheerleader cards so we can collect our now, and if you can make all of the alumni cards as well, so the entire cheer-leading history of DCC is available for fans to buy the cheer-leading cards. Stats on back would say how long on the team, when started, year ended, etc. Captain or not, etc. You get it. Well love ya and if you do this then I want a personalized autograph from the entire team. Thanks! We love DCC,

    8. MarketingWiz says:

      On previous episodes of Making the Team, I noticed that ‘trust-building’ and outward- bound-like activities were included during training camp, like jumping from an airplane, free falling back first into a net from several feet in the air (one gal freaked) and climbing to the top of a pole with a small platform where DCC would jump to a trapeze bar, etc. Have these activities been suspended because they are not included in your episodes anymore? If they were suspended, why? I always thought this was an unnecessary part of training camp and wondered why it was no longer shown or if it still existed. These ‘stunts’ are certainly no measure of a DCC’s real character or talent. Enlighten me. Thanks.

    9. Kelli is absolutely more gorgeous than any of the cheerleaders! I would love to know her facial secrets…forehead, no crows feet…do tell!!! I want to copy the success!

      • Girl, it’s called a hair/makeup/stylist team and botox. You too can have that for $60,000 a year.

      • @Connie – Have you ever tried Arbonne? It is the best skin care I have ever used.

      • Yes she is a VERY beautiful lady but rather than surgies, I for one think she has just taken excellent care of herself for her whole life and we get the pleasure of seeing the results of it. Anyone can take care of their bodies and when you get to be “our” age a little makeup and great hair style wil make you beautiful as well. I am often asked how I can still look so good at my age and I tell them the same thing, just take care of your body, know the things that can cause damage to it…and…stay away from them most people just do not have the “will power” to do the things that are required to stay “healthy” or do not really know the things that can cause damage to your skin. I do know that I may be wrong and that she does something different for I do not know her or her life style but I do know….She is one beautiful lady and “feel” it is from her taking excellent care of herself for her lifetime that she has been here. Thank GOD there are many beautiful women on this earth. Look at some of the new Dcc’s without their makeup and hair being done then look at them afterwards….Very beautiful ladies. I do wish we all could have their makeup and hair artists because they are able to do things that most people only dream about…..Kelli, again I say I agree with them…You are one very beautiful lady and if i’m wrong as to how you keep that inner and outer beauty…Please do tell…LOL…Keep up the wonderful work that you accomplish…And to all of us ladies out there take as good care of your bodies inside and out and keep up an “upbeat” outstanding attitude that will make us “appear” to be beautiful to all those who sees us and wonder…What is she doing to make herself so beautiful and we know…It’s just our love shinning thru us that they are seeing….Take care all and keep posting because I love being able to come on here and see or read all of the different opions that we all have because to me, that is what makes the world go round…Love everyone and…Love yourself for however the outside may look because outer beauty will fade but…inner beauty will live on good to yourself and all that you ever come in contact with…Hugs to all

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