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Director’s Mailbag – 11/9

I thought I’d take this time to answer some questions that came to us through and our official Facebook page.

Tracie Horneman asks “Do you keep in touch with former cheerleaders?”

Yes, in fact we do.  We have an alumni association that has over 600 members and includes cheerleaders that appeared from the 60s, the 70s, the 80s, and up until this last season.  Our alumni join us each year for an alumni reunion and performance in October where we do a huge presentation for the Susan G. Komen for the Cure breast cancer awareness halftime.  Our alumni receive newsletters every month; they are a resource for us when we need volunteer help and they’re a great sisterhood.

Tami Lynn asks “My daughter is 15 years old and is currently a Sophomore. What should she be doing right now to prepare for tryouts with DCC?”

The best thing your daughter can do is take dance classes.  Take every class she can in every style she can—ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, anything that teaches music and rhythm helps a dancer prepare for our auditions.  Also helpful are drill team experience in high school and competitive cheerleading.  All of those help develop stronger, more powerful performers.

Kendall Schrantz asks “Would you ever consider shooting the Making the Team shows throughout the season to let the fans get an even deeper look inside of the America’s Sweethearts?”

It exhausts me to think about having cameras with us 12 months out of the year, but I actually think it’s a wonderful idea.  The cheerleaders are so busy all season long from USO Tours to calendar shoots to appearances, and of course performances worldwide – I would love for fans to see the full spectrum of all the cheerleaders’ activities and performances.  This season on CMT we have grown from 8 episodes to 11 episodes and you will get to see the cheerleaders three games into football season, some special halftime performances, a surprise performance with a country music artist and other activities, so we will be seeing more of the DCC this year on CMT on Friday nights.

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    1. DOROTHY G. MEASELLS says:


    2. Sherri McFadden says:

      Has there ever been a time during auditions that no cheerleader retired or was let go and you didn’t need new cheerleaders? Hope I explained that correctly.

    3. Carrie Allen says:

      I love this show and am now a big fan of the DCC organization. Oddly enough, I receive so much encouragement for my own life through Kelli’s and Judy’s wise words. It’s also inspiring to see how hard the girls work, and to know that if you work hard enough then you can really accomplish your dreams. Well, most of the time… ;)

      Just wanted to drop a note to say that I am loving having more episodes this season, and I really hope you consider taping even more than 11 in the years to come.

    4. Kelli,

      I appreciate you wise words to the Training Camp girls that post pictures of themselves on Social Network sites that shows them in a negative way, even if they don’t think so. I know a lot of girls could learn from that.

    5. Hi Kelli

      Love the DCC show and appreciate all the hard work the girls do to perform for all their fans. Not being from the area I was curious if DCC would consider offering autograph 2013 calendars for sale though the website here? Perhaps part of the proceeds could go for a charity even.


    6. Along with my daughter, daughter in law and best friends, I am an avid fan of the show and have been watching since the first “Making The Team!” !n fact, I have to tape it in the event I can’t watch it at its regularly scheduled time. For what it’s worth, I wanted to give you some feedback. Kelli, I am so impressed this season with your demeanor, attitude and interaction with the girls. In past seasons you came across as being short and petty in your interaction and overall attitude. This season your interaction and overall attitude projects a very positive impression of the Dallas Cowboys organization as a whole. However, I can’t say the same for Judy! She definitely appears to be quite negative in every interaction with the girls in the footage broadcast on CMT. Further, her negativity is even reflected in her facial expressions as she always seems to have a sour expression. Perhaps CMT cuts out footage which would show Judy in a more positive light; however, I can only comment on what I see. She comes across as condescending with her snide comments when giving feedback to the girls on their performance. I do love the show and the platform afforded to these wonderful young ladies! Although, I am all for constructive criticism, I would have a problem if my daughter was being subjected to a critique by a person who delivers criticism that isn’t particularly constructive or remotely encouraging. Kelli, I feel you exercise the perfect balance of being authoritative and approachable. Finally, I love the show, love Kelli, love the girls, Dallas Cowboys and DCC Cheerleaders! Thank you for investing yourself into mentoring and developing confident young women!

    7. When are you going to have the meet the rookies videos?

    8. Dante Calabrese says:

      Congratulations. Your show looks like one of the more interesting “reality shows” on television. The concept naturally lends itself to compelling TV. Given this, you should avoid distracting people from the natural drama of the situations with segments that would discredit your organization.

      My sister showed me two instances where a woman identified as your dietitian (and I’m told an R.D.!) states that “carbonation causes cellulite.” This is simply untrue and any R.D. should know better or at least be willing to do a little research before making such a claim. This is the kind of statement one expects to hear from a “nutritionist” with an agenda, but not someone who has gone the lengths to become an R.D.

      Cellulite is the result of collections of fat that push against the connective tissue beneath your skin. Its visibility is based on your genes, the thickness of the skin, your age and the amount of fat on your body. So if you want to reduce cellulite, reduce your body fat.

      There are plenty of valid arguments against the excessive intake of sodas; hanging your hat on an easily debunked myth shouldn’t be one of them. Many people would benefit from simply drinking more water. If having fizzy, carbonated water promotes drinking more water, go for it.

    9. Harley,Hayley,and Halie says:

      We’re thirteen years old and we all plan on moving down to Dallas once we graduate and become Dallas cowboy cheerleaders. (Me) Harley has taken dance since she was 3 and gymnastics since I was 10. So I teach hayley and halie everything I do at dance an gymnastic. We always make up dances And do stunts and stuff. And we exercise like 2-3 hours a day. But is there anything we can do know to prepare??? :)

    10. Hello Mrs.Kelli,
      I really enjoyed watching the show this season.Making the team of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders.You have the best team out there & the Best Cheerleaders.It is amazing to see that from the show.These Girls are amazing & wonderful to watch.I will miss this show & hope this show comes back in 2013 because love watching it.Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Rocks!!!And, keep up the good work on your team.Go CowBoys!!!

    11. Steve and Janna Wright says:

      We just wanted you to know we love the new format of the show. There was more personal information on the girls and the three additional shows gave a great view of all the hard work it takes to be a DCC. With the season the “boys” are having I find myself watching the cheerleaders and find them more entertaining. Keep up the great work.

    12. Just wanted to say Kelli, that I think that the advice you give to the girls who post pictures of themselves, is very good. With everyone using social networks these days, people don’t often realize that it will come back to hurt them in the future, not just when they while they are cheering, but a lot of companies look at what goes on in these websites, and they do take that into consideration when hiring potential employees.

    13. I’m looking for my cousin Wendy Witherspoon. I know she was a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader & think I found her in 1982. She married a prominent family who owned a tree nursery. Wendy’s dad is my uncle, dad’s brother. Wendy’s mom & dad divorced & I not seen her since we visited Georgia when I was around 7 or so. Could you send me any info on this Wendy Fasang. Thank you. If you’re out there Wendy this is Sabrina Witherspoon Banres, Bobby Witherspoon’s daughter. Call me or find me on FB

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