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Director’s Mailbag – 12/6

I thought I’d take this time to answer some questions that came to us through and our official Facebook page.

Mary Huff asks “Let me start by saying that I enjoy watching the DCC Ladies every season :) Was just curious why you have a 5 year cap on cheering?”

Hi Mary and thank you for your question.  We don’t actually have a “cap” on the number of years a Cheerleader can cheer for the Cowboys.  The trend lately has been 5, and that seems to be a long run at our pace, but we have had 6, 7 and 8 year Veterans!

Vickie L. writes “I am a teacher overseas—I teach many technology and career classes. Having watched several of your seasons I have noticed several candidates have their prospective careers lost due to Facebook and other such social media outlets. My students, middle and high school aged boys and girls, do not see the future ramifications of these current decisions. Are their any words of wisdom you could have for them to these ends? What would your cheerleaders who have lost jobs have wished they would have known?”

Our advise to the Cheerleaders has been to not TYPE or post anything that could embarrass their families, themselves, or future employers.  In our business, Facebook and Twitter have become more commonly used than resumes.  Technology is wonderful, but has made them more vulnerable and visible.

Larry S. writes:

“First I want to congratulate you on awesome TV show. I look forward every week to watch these gals battle their way to the top to become the best of the best. I resonate with this show, because I was a former U.S. Army Golden Knight and I know what it’s like to put 110% into something and hope and pray that you make the final cut.

Being the best of the best takes hard work, dedication, and most of all pride in what you do.

Keep up the hard work, and I hope to see Making the Team 8 next year.”

Larry, your email caught my attention because we Tandem jumped with the Golden Knights a few years back.  It was one of the most thrilling and terrifying moments of my life!  So a belated thank you to you and the Golden Knights for jumping with the DCC!

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    1. We know all the DCCs have DCC Twitter accounts. Are they allowed to have Facebook and their own personal Twitter acounts?

    2. I voted for Jackie Bob Pro Bowl this year! That is one fierce chick!!! Her beauty and energy, along with that million watt smile…is unmatched! Go JB!!!

    3. Speaking of Pro Bowl, can you give us a run down of past DCC chosen for Pro Bowl?

    4. Here’s some past DCC pro bowl cheerleaders:
      2012- Ally Traylor
      2011- Brittany Evans
      2010- Justine Phillips-Orf
      2009- NIcole Hamilton
      2008- Misty Duncan
      2007- Megan Fox
      2006 -Lynlee Allen

      In 2009 Jackie Bob (09-current) and Carey Depasquale (’09-’10 & ’10-’11) were pro bowl cheerleaders when they were on other squads. Jackie cheered for the San Francisco Gold Rush and Carey for the Atlanta Falcons.

    5. Are you able to attend prep classes as a high school student that’s under 18?

    6. jackie bob has been such an extremley wondefuly dcc but in case uve forgotten shes already been 2 hawaii 4 pro bowl 4 another team and i dont think she should go again 4 another team. also i think whitney isleib has all those qaulities that were listed under that article. so i definetly think she should be the 2013 pro bowl cheerleader. also if whitney is chosen 2 go ya know she could be captain down there and will show all those other cheerleaders what being a dcc is all about and will be one of the best. so GO WHITNEY!!! and if she reads this she soooooooooooo has my vote lol.

    7. Dear Kelli,

      A couple of questions out of curiosity. How many pom-poms does the DCC go through every season? I have noticed that the style of pom has changed over the past couple of seasons. Also, what do you do with the DCC uniforms, boots, stars and all, that are turned in by retiring cheerleaders each season? Thanks Kelli!



    8. Susan Normandin says:

      My vote for Pro Bowl is Whitney!!! My 2nd choice would be Jackie.

    9. Jasmin Revels says:

      My question is do have any advice for a collegiate cheerleader. I have been a cheerleader my whole entire life and I have only taken a few dance classes, I guess my real question is will a strong cheerleading background( stunting and tumbling) be enough to get me on the team even if i don’t have a strong dance background.

    10. Ceil Booker says:

      I notice on your show, you often play a song with the lyrics “Turn Around, do it now, walk right through that door.” Can you please tell me what the name of that song is, and the name of the artist? I’d like to try to find it on iTunes.

    11. Sally Elguera says:

      Hi Ms. Finglass,
      My name is Sally Elguera. I am 65 yrs young and a 28 yr breast cancer survivor. As a vivid fan of Making The Team, I loved the special show your cheerleaders put on last season honoring survivors , and can’t wait to see another great season of MTT,opening tonite and anxiously await another great halftime show. Watching these young ladies make me reminisce about my college days at UTEP in El Paso, where I was a Golddigger, halftime performers but not as great as DCC. This was in the late 1960’s . I used to love those line kicks, heck I am lucky to touch my toes now! Do you plan another halftime this October? I recently lost my eye and am waiting to fly to San Antonio in the next weeks to begin prosthetic fittings , and I don’t want to miss it, therefore I will DVR it. You and Judy are doing a great job. Ps.. My son in law will be at Sundays game, hope he brings me a souvenir! Sally

    12. Michael Laman says:

      Dear Ms. Finglass–I saw another episode of “Making the Team”. I was so sorry to see a number of veterans not make the squad for 2013. I’ll miss them a lot. DCC is truly a
      great outfit. Watching the show makes everyone appreciate all the hard work and dedication you and your staff do to make the DCC the very BEST squad in pro
      football. Wish you all a great season. PS–I’m fighting colon cancer now. Hope I make it for another season too.

      Michael Laman

    13. Hello Ms. Finglass

      My question to you is how do we aquire a tape of each season of making the team since the beginning? I have the last three episoles on tape from CMT recordings but I would really love to have the previous ones starting from 1961.

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