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“Goodbye and Good Luck”

DCC Banquet (21)Last night was a joyful and emotional occasion for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – our End of Year Banquet was the last group event for our 2013 squad. The girls enjoyed a beautiful dinner and a touching video that highlighted the season’s adventures. The evening was filled with cheers and tears as every moment and memory was celebrated.

Each year the squad votes on Rookie of the Year and Veteran of the Year. This year’s Rookie of the Year honor went to Jennifer Kathryne, and the Veteran of the Year award went to fourth-year Group Leader Lauren Williams.

The DCC careers of Jackie Bob and Mia Greenhouse were celebrated as they were given the rare and exceptional 5th Year Charm.

DCC Banquet (17)One of the highlights of the evening was when 11 DCC rookies received the coveted Rookie Ring, which is a symbol of their achievement in completing their first season as a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Introduced in 1978 by director Suzanne Mitchell, the ring is a small, simple, 14 kt. gold band with the initials DCC delicately carved into it.

Thirty-six years later, this meaningful tradition is continued when each rookie gets her ring as a symbol of dedication to excellence, commitment to team, honor and character. The ring, worn on the pinkie finger of more than 600 DCC Alumni, remains a small, but strong symbol of a magical time in their lives.

The banquet was a joyful, yet difficult evening for seven very special retiring veterans. I avoided saying “goodbye” to Jackie, Mia, Lauren, Amelia, Mackenzie, Carisa and Olivia. I preferred to say “good luck.”

DCC Banquet (23)Since we started the season in May with our DCC creed of 12 Promises, I decided to make some promises of my own to the team:

  • I promise these days will be some of the best days of your life.
  • I promise you are more confident than you were a year ago.
  • I promise you are more poised than you were a year ago.
  • I promise you are more prepared to succeed in whatever career you choose, than you were before becoming a DCC.
  • I promise you can handle more than you think you can.
  • I promise you have inspired someone.
  • I promise you have warmed the hearts of others by just being fun.
  • I promise you will wish for one more practice, one more bus ride and one more game.
  • I promise your hearts will hurt when you walk out of this dinner and realize you don’t have practice tomorrow night with 37 of your best friends.
  • I promise THIS 2013 squad is special and this TEAM will be missed.
  • I promise you’ve made me proud!

After my 29th End of Year Banquet, and before dismissing the team, I avoided saying, “Tonight, is OUR last night.” Instead, I gave the squad my final “Sister Kelli” message for the season.

Simply put, I said, “goodnight to everyone and go inspire someone!”

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    1. Seven retiring cheerleaders? I thought there’d be nine. Well, I know Kim wasn’t able to attend the banquet, but I thought Angela would be retiring also. I also noticed that Kaitlyn wasn’t able to attend the banquet. I hope she’s okay.

    2. MarketingWiz says:

      Where is Jackie Bob?

      • Jackie Bob is in picture 40. The cheerleaders also posted picture’s on their Twitter and Instagram accounts from the banquet.

    3. Thanks for the charming piece — just a comment from someone who didn’t sleep through 9th grade latin. These ladies referred to singly are alumna, not alumni (the masculine plural, single there being alum). If memory serves, the feminine plural is alumnae.

      Please edit appropriately upon fact-checkers confirming my 9th grade latin.

    4. thanks for the pictures and squad photos as well and i’m going to miss carissa,mia,oliva,
      jackie,lauren,amelia,mackenzie as well, and i’m sure all rookie dcc girls and vetrian dcc girls are beautiful and pretty as carissa,mia,oliva,lauren,amelia,mackenzie is kelly finglass is as beautiful and pretty as all dcc girls are all beautiful women in the whole wide world go cowboys,dcc123 woo..
      christopher michael hampton

    5. Barbara Snyder says:

      One of Kelli’s promises says “you don’t have practice tomorrow with 37 of your best friends”–I thought there were 39 team members-who is missing?

    6. SnoopyFan says:

      Rookie Kaitlyn is missing. She has not been performing or doing appearances since last November.

    7. Christine says:

      Was Sidney at the banquet?

    8. Are the tryouts and the training camp episodes going to continue on CMT? I have seen nothing about this season in the lineup yet.

    9. Linda McGrory says:

      Kelli and Judy…

      Help me understand why didn’t Katilyn LaRue isn’t in the Dcc team anymore…I read the comment that she was doing anything so what happened? She was so determined to be the DCC and now she isn’t there anymore? Help me understand…

      Thank you,
      Linda McGrory

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