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Great Deeds

Neal and DCC on stageWell, this weekend while our Cowboys hit the road to tackle the San Diego Chargers, the Cheerleaders are making a very special visit to my favorite stomping ground, East Texas.

The DCC are heading to Longview to spread some cheer with our good friend, country music artist Neal McCoy. With a concert performance and a golf tournament appearance, the DCC will help Neal raise money for his East Texas Angel Network, whose mission is to enhance the lives of children in East Texas who are living with terminal or life-threatening diseases.

Neal and childI’ve seen firsthand how families sentenced to long-term hospital stays can benefit from the generosity and comfort provided by Neal and the East Texas Angel Network. His organization pays stressful bills back home, such as electricity, as well as living expenses, so that the family can focus on their hospitalized child facing the challenge of disease.

As Director of the DCC, I am committed to developing women of character by challenging them to take a compassionate and optimistic approach to life.

One of our “promises” in the Cheerleader creed is to: “Promise yourself to think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words, but in great deeds.”

121712_Hospital_Visits_CookChildrens094I believe fame and visibility give the DCC a unique chance to help the lives of others. I’ve seen kids and families light up like a Christmas tree when a Cheerleader walks in the room of a hospitalized child. In an instant, the DCC can make a room happy and cheerful, and eliminate the cloud of disease for the moment.

This weekend is a beautiful reflection of God’s love and the “great deeds” made possible through good people like Neal McCoy and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.


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    1. Kelli
      Awesome and heart warming.
      Keep on spreading the light and the love DCC! :)

    2. Kelli
      Thank you! You are great to lead the very best organization in America! Without you the DCC would be just another profit center.. Please do not let another 10 months pass without hearing from you!

    3. judy kreckman says:

      Do the girls in the cheerleading team get paid? I k ow you practice at night at The Ranch
      They obviously have morning and afternoon free but the apartments they lease are really nice. How do they afford to stay for three months? If they hold down jobs, what kind of jobs do they have?

      • judy they have different jobs or r going to school, they also get paid, i heard 100 per game. how they afford housing idk.

    4. I just happened to glance at the squad this year and noticed you’re missing Miss Courtney Cook. Love her hair. Did she decide to move on?

    5. Kelli,

      I just watched Friday’s episode10-18-13 making the team and I honestly was surprised by some of things that were said. I understand that your uniform as you and Judy is unforgiving and shows every ounce of weight gain, so I get the need to make sure that the girls stay on top of their nutrition and exercising to combat the weight gain. However, what bothered me with this episode was that Chelsea, Danielle, Kim and Jennifer Alexis were the only ones called out for it, when Kitty Carter, actually had more that she decided was too big. Also, Kitty said that Chelsea was being toxic outside and in the locker room. Chelsea wasn’t being toxic, she was reacting against something she felt was inaccurate pertaining to her and her friends. I love watching this show because it is very entertaining and shows exactly what the girls have to go through to get on the team. But, in my opinion, if anyone was being toxic it was Kitty. Allowing her to go outside and call Chelsea out and sending her back to your office was not only toxic but unprofessional on her part. I understand that Kitty is a great dance teacher and that she was once a cheerleader herself so she knows what it takes to become a cheerleader, but she shouldn’t have done that. I was upset at what took place and I thought that Chelsea could have handled it better than she did, but in all fairness to the 4 of them, she was sticking up for herself and her friends. Nicole, Alex, and I can’t remember who else was called out on it, but they too were called out, yet never made an appearance in your office. Nicole who last season, was on your radar about her weight gain, yet nothing was said to her. I’m not trying to tell you how to run your training camp, because I certainly can’t dance to save my life. But, in day to day life with the emphasis being as thin as humanly possible, don’t you think it would have been prudent to offer them assistance rather than pulling them from cameo shots and appearances in uniform? I love Jennifer Alexis, she is my favorite cheerleader along with Mackenzie and Morgan. I honestly couldn’t see where you and Judy and Kitty saw an 8 pound weight gain. I hope that you don’t take this the wrong way, but, it was something that has been bothering me since Friday. I was upset that Chelsea got cut, but I understand your reasoning. I think it would be better to help the girls with their problems, rather than call them out on the carper (so to speak) in front of everyone. I will continue to watch the show because as I said, your show helps me relax and chill out after a long and stressful work week. Keep up the good work that you guys do. As I said before, just my opinion.

      Thanks for listening
      Lake Villa,IL

    6. Hi Kelli-
      Been watching the DCC Making the Team again this year. Loved it when you guys started broadcasting the process. Been a fan of DCC for about 26 or 27 years now. I guess my question is: are the Cheerleaders getting skinnier? I’ve noticed their legs are beginning to look more toothpick like this year and last. Are you and Judy getting pressure from ??? where ever to have the cheerleaders look even less curvaceous (with the exception of their breasts!)? Just seems that the uniform is making them appear to be very very skinny on the bottom and more buxom up top. Hate to see this trend showing up in the DCC. My friends and I have noticed this change-whether it be intentional or not. Kathryn

    7. Benjamin West says:

      I hope u give Chelsea Elizabeth a second chance by giving her a special invite to the next training camp. She was one of my favorites. This is assuming she wants to come back. Her rookie season, her excitement, and then committment to staying on the team forever was crazy cool.

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