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Halloween Halftime Preview

This week the Cheerleaders are working hard in preparation for our upcoming rival game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants.  The Cheerleaders will showcase their traditional Gameday performances with a Pregame feature to “Thunderstruck,”  4 quarter change dance breaks, and a Halloween themed halftime show.

The DCC will be change out of their star spangled uniforms for a more sexy, siren costume!  They will be joined with a cast of 200 dancers that will bring some of the best haunting Halloween songs to life.  This is one of my favorite shows our Club produces, because of the elaborate costumes and the intricate, well-executed choreography.

To see more of the DCC, make sure to watch CMT this Friday for a new episode of DCC Making the Team when the DCC practice at college Campus SMU, and have a surprise performance with Country Music Sensation, Big & Rich!

View all the photos from last year’s Halloween Halftime >>

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    1. Kelli and Judy,

      I have been enjoying each year the DCC Making the Team. I have missed the Family Night Performance and Jay’s boot camp. I understand you try to introduce just enough to let fans see what goes into becoming a DCC. If you could at least do Family Night Performance and a few of Jay’s boot camp with the cheerleaders that would be great.
      Also if you could do a special on the Halloween Halftime Show and others like Christmas so people who can’t afford or go to the games can see and enjoy them. I have been a Cowboy fan for years and live in Colorado, everybody thinks I’m crazy for not being a Broncos fan. Unfortunately they just don’t interest me, the only other team I love are the Pittsburgh Steelers. Even if I lived in Dallas I couldn’t afford the ticket price to go see a game nor could I get up in the stadium, my disability prevents me from climbing stairs at all. All I can say is stay off ladders.
      I would really appreciate it if you could see if you and Judy could air the Half Time Specials the DCC are in they look fun to watch.

      Thanks so much for hopefully reading this long message.

      Pamela Pennington

    2. Hi. I love watching the Making theTeam on tv. I have recorded every episode this year and have watched each episode several times. Do you have a DVD of all the episodes that the public can purchase? I hope you keep producing episodes throughout the year. I would love to see the halftime performances.

      Also, on the episode where the TCC have to perform the kick line and jump splits for the first time, I noticed a candidate who wasn’t on the episodes after that one. She was between Olivia and Jordan in the kick line, has brown wavy hair, brown eyes, and light brown skin. Did u dismiss her w out filming it? Just curious.

      Thanks for sharing the DCC experience. It’s soooooo much fun to watch!


    3. Tara Shepard-Long says:

      Hello! My husband and I have watched “Making the Team” for several years. I was disturbed by something that your nutritionalist said several times in the episode that was aired on Friday, Oct. 26 – leading up to the first game. She stated that “carbonation causes cellulite”. As a fitness instructor, I was surprised by her statement, but thought I should look into it. Upon further research on many respectable websites, I found that this is a myth. I know that may women watch your show and respect the direction given to the cheerleaders. I just wanted to bring this falsehood to your attention. Thanks for making a great show, and like others, I look forward to seeing more from DCC!!


      • The statements made by this “nutritionist” are, at best ludicrous, and at worst very dangerous. Carbonation causing cellulite? What quack planet is that woman from?

        How can an organization such as the Dallas Cowboys (even the cheerleaders) associate itself with such a person? She is spreading completely false information under the guise of being an “expert”. This woman is a quack, and quite frankly, an idiot.
        Are there no fact checkers for this tv show? Did no one check this woman’s qualifications as a “nutritionist”? The DCC should be ashamed to associate itself with this woman and her false information!

    4. My cat Dixie loves watching Making The Team. She even climbed up on the TV stand and was putting her paw on the screen trying to get their pom poms. I am amazed with these girls athletic ability. It is amazing how many dances and cheers they memorize.
      Have a safe season.
      Tammy & Dixie from Virginia

    5. Your “nutritionist” is a joke. I would say I’m a DCC superfan but she was ridiculous. Bring back Jay! As someone said on another website: “I would love to see one of the cheerleaders chomp on a Kit Kat bar in front of the “nutritionist” and give her the single finger salute”. I’m with her. I couldn’t stand her. Where did said “nurtitionist” earn her degree IN NUTRITION? And if she DID earn a degree in nutrition, who told her carbonation causes cellulite?? The easter bunny?

      • What was the purpose of ambushing the girls at their apartments? Poor Nicole looked like she was about to cry. Do what you did last year and have Jay take the girls to a supermarket and learn about what they should buy. Or is he banned because he spoke up against the golden one?

    6. I have been enjoying the MTT episodes however I have to jump on the wagon about the nurtitionist. My Sister is a nutritionist and she has NEVER heard of soda drinks causing cellulite. She needs to get her facts straight before she speaks on a national level.

    7. Kelli,

      How disappointing is it for you, Judy and the girls that the Cowboys cant seem to win a game lately? This is a serious question because the excitement level of the fans in the stadium must be a factor in how the girls perform and what they can do to keep up the spirits of the fans.

    8. Tricia Wainwright says:


      My name is Tricia, and I live in Brentwood, Ca. I have been watching your show since the beginning. I am 39 years old and a mother of two. I was curious to see what the age limit is to be a DCC. I danced growing up and continued dancing some more throughout my adult years. Dancing has always been my favorite hobby, and it has always been my dream to be an NFL cheerleader. I am dedicated to staying fit, and I would love to have that opportunity to dance again and to be a part of your most awesome squad! Thank you.

      Tricia Wainwright

    9. Tricia, God love ya, if you have to ask you’re too old. But I’m sure you look awesome :-)

      • Tricia Wainwright says:

        Thank you Rica!

        I thought that would be the case. I was curious because there was a 60 something year old woman who tried out this year, so I thought it couldn’t hurt to ask, right! God bless

        • Then again I’m not an expert…..that was just my opinion, mostly because I TOTALLY agree with you that we missed our callings, I just feel like, ugh, like Charlotte said, if you’re competing with 20 year olds, it’s time to move on to our next passion LOL (for myself, of course). But I would LOVE if the DCCs made a zumba dvd! You should get their dvds, one of them teaches you their dances, I love it!

          • Tricia Wainwright says:

            Thank you Rica! That’s really cool that they have that and they teach their dances! I’m gonna tell my hubby I want it for Christmas! We can still live the dream – super cool ! :) Thanks again Rica!

    10. Amy Butler says:

      I love Making the Team 7. I record each episode, as to not miss ANYTHING. Episode 8 really bothred me…. You are misleading your DCC’s and America!

      A quote from
      “Carbonation does not cause cellulite, but the calories that come along with it in sugary sodas may worsen your orange-peel skin problem. It would be great if canning the carbonation was the key to preventing cellulite. Unfortunately, the experts at the Mayo Clinic say that, while preventing excess pounds can help, there’s no way to prevent cellulite entirely.”

      I would suggest your nutritionists, Jenny Williams, check her facts!

      • You tell em Amy!! I read that too and I thought “GREAT. Another whacko filling women’s heads with diet MISinformation. Just what we need!!”

    11. Heather J. says:

      I am a new fan of the show! I came across it while channel surfing and I have a new found respect for your cheerleaders. I find the show interesting and inspirational. Being a busy mom of two young boys, the show has jump started my desire to get fit again. Those girls work so hard and are so accepting of criticism to be a better DCC. What an amazing opportunity for them. Kelli and Judy are firm, but endearing. Love the show!! Thanks!

    12. I love the making the team show and the DCC. The best nfl squad.

    13. Tricia Wainwright says:

      I love how the show has continued to run longer this year. It’s a great idea to show more of what the squad experiences throuout the season! Keep it going guys! :)

    14. i think they did great. I love watching this Halloween half time show it was fun and cute at the same time. It was so cool and i like all the song good job.

    15. Sherri McFadden says:

      I was shocked at the statements of the ‘nutritionist’ (and I use that word loosely) you hired to talk with the cheerleaders. I would suggest making sure she is truly qualified before letting her counsel the cheerleaders on nutrition.

    16. Linda Sue says:

      I just happened to catch part of an episode rerun today, in which someone pretending to be a “nutritionist” told some perfectly lovely, healthy-looking girls that “carbonation causes cellulite”! My husband is a physician-nutritionist who snorted in derision, which perfectly complimented my disgust at the whole concept pushed by this show. I find it extraordinary that this company pushes these girls into wearing costumes that would cause porn stars to blush, focuses cameras on their behinds and breasts, makes them compete to appear in wet swimsuit pictures to sell calendars, licenses these images to the benefit of the company, not the dancers (I’m a lawyer), and then lectures them about not having “slutty” pictures on their Facebook pages! As a southern woman, I’m completely ok with the everyday hypocrisy we all practice occasionally, in fact I like some of it, but these creeps go too far. Putting lipstick and big hair on it don’t disguise that Jones is really just a pimp with an accent- making money by selling girls!

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