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Holiday Cheers!

Twelve Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders departed Monday for American bases and USO centers in Okinawa, Japan and Korea to deliver holiday cheer and good tidings to our troops and their families.

As part of the group’s 73rd USO tour, the DCC will visit 21 installations where they will perform their signature show, “America and Her Music,” featuring 16 elaborately costumed and choreographed routines.

Of course each cheerleader enjoys spending time with her own loved ones during the holidays, but these tours allow them the unique and magical opportunity to make sure we reach out to military personnel who are stationed far from home. The DCC are honored to be a part of the annual USO tour that delivers a touch of cheer to our troops and their families.

The most traveled of USO tour veterans, the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders set out on their first USO tour in 1979, and have since lifted the spirits of countless men and women in uniform. Among the countries the DCC has visited are Afghanistan, Bahrain, Belgium, Cuba, Germany, Iceland, Iraq, Japan, South Korea, Kuwait and the United Kingdom, as well as numerous stateside visits.

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