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My Ladder

People that know me best, know I love to organize. Since I was a kid, I loved school supplies – folders, pencil holders, etc.

With everything I manage from DCC appearances and shows to halftimes, media interviews and photo shoots, I can truly get overwhelmed when I don’t “feel” organized and prepared. My salvation now is my “focus ladder.” All the DCC events and commitments that require event coordination, planning, and preparation go in the event “Trapper.”

When special events get added to my plate of responsibility, I immediately print out the original email, request, etc. and make a “Trapper” (yes, I know that’s not “green” but I find paper comforting). I love to have artwork for the event in the front sleeve of the folder for visualization.

This helps me focus and prioritize all the upcoming events as they are “trapped” and placed on my “focus ladder” in chronological order so I face my deadlines daily. I have Trapper folders on each game, all the entertainment details I’m responsible for, potential sponsors that need immediate follow up, special events, and upcoming appearances and shows.

The Trapper at the front of my ladder stares at me daily, and haunts me to do something that applies to each project, each day as a part of the planning and preparation process. Right now, my next Trapper is our Washington Redskins Game where we will produce a Hispanic Heritage Halftime with over 400 cast members.


  • Washington Game 9/26
  • The Bar Method – An exercise workout that the DCC love. I’m working on our partnership for DCC workouts.
  • Detroit Game 10/2 – Major “Pink” halftime with 300 breast cancer survivors.
  • Lindale ISD Kickoff Luncheon 10/17 – Speech I’m making to educators in my hometown.
  • St. Louis Game 10/23 – MAJOR Halloween Halftime Show with DCC and 200 dancers cast as monsters.
  • Spirit Celebration Cheerleading Championship 10/30 – Cheer and dance competition with over 2,000 kids!
  • Seattle Game 11/6 – Ring of Honor halftime presentation inducting Charles Haley, Larry Allen, and Drew Pearson.
  • 11/13 – Military Halftime Appreciation Halftime Show.

Now the scary thing is I have three MORE ladders, each with eight MORE events, so there are 24 more events just around the corner.

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