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Ring of Honor

The Cheerleaders are gearing up for our game this Sunday against Seattle, by polishing our pregame routine to Thunderstruck, a crowd favorite, and our four-quarter set to different genres of music, with our main go-to songs being country, hip-hop, classic rock and pop.

We are really looking forward to the halftime presentation when the Dallas Cowboys will induct Larry Allen, Charles Haley and Drew Pearson into the Ring of Honor. The halftime celebration will feature former greats like Emmitt Smith, Randy White, Tony Dorsett and Roger Staubach (to name a few), who will welcome these three legends into the Ring of Honor. The Cheerleaders will help escort the players out to the field, which by the way is a really big deal for the Cheerleaders.

Jerry Jones will present the coveted Ring of Honor Jacket and incredible Silver Bowl from Tiffany and Co., and then Larry, Charles and Drew will address Cowboys fans with some heartfelt comments, I’m sure. The field will be adorned with 20 HUGE Cowboys-branded feather banners carried by youth football players, as well as 20 Ring of Honor feather banners representing the 17 current members and our three new inductees.

The big moment will be when the drapes come down and No. 73 Larry Allen, No. 94 Charles Haley and No. 88 Drew Pearson will be revealed, forever more a permanent part of our wonderful Dallas Cowboys history!

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