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For the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, tonight’s Monday Night Football Game means more than 4 quarters of competition and a hopeful win for the Dallas Cowboys. Tonight’s game kicks off the NFL’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. At Halftime, The DCC are proud to share the stage with a cast of 500 breast cancer survivors and co-survivors from Susan G. Komen for the Cure. They will also be joined by 250 Alumnae Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and 60 extraordinary male athletes from Spirit Celebration to present a halftime show that Celebrates Life and solidarity against the worldwide Fight against Breast Cancer.

In 1982, Susan G Komen for the Cure used a pink ribbon to honor the life of a woman who lost her battle to breast cancer. For 30 years now the pink ribbon has represented the strength of women around the world who have battled breast cancer. Wearing it shows support and solidarity in vowing to come together to find a cure for the disease, to help women currently in the struggle, and to encourage yearly breast exams for early detection.

Here’s just a few of the things fans will notice in an effort to “PINK” out Cowboys Stadium to share in the vow to come together to find a cure for the disease.

1. The DCC will replace their world famous Star Spangled Uniform with a PINK Polka Dot “Swing” Costume for Halftime.
2. The famous silver and blue poms will have a sprinkle of PINK in their game day poms.
3. The DCC will debut a special edition Lucchese boot that features a PINK star and subtle PINK topstitching.
4. The DCC will replace 1 of their 15 traditional blue stars from their star spangled vest with a PINK star.
5. The DCC will be joined by a cast of 500 people that include breast cancer survivors, co survivors, and Alumnae Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to create a Texas sized human PINK ribbon covering the 100 yd. football field during Halftime at Cowboys Stadium.
6. We will be “pinking out” various media elements, including the Home Page of, the Dallas Cowboys Facebook page and well as various broadcast TV elements
7. We are supporting the iPromise merchandise line that is sold exclusively in Old Navy stores across the nation, which benefits Susan G Komen for the Cure
8. Our players and coaches alongside the Chicago Bears will be the first in the league to wear the pink gear provided for each team kick off Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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    1. Marc Painter says:

      Just to let you know my wife beat breast cancer. but lost her life to brain cancer… which brings me to what i am asking I was at the rally on Oct. 30,2012 and got 4 of the Ladies to sign a poster bord for a Dear friend of mind that her 4 year old grandaughter has brain cancer… I would like to get all of the ladies to sign it if possable. It would mean the world to me and this little girl.. Her name is Caliee Hinckle… You can go under caring bridge and see that this is true…. In the past the DCC has done alot with the Texas Neurofibromatosois Foundation which I use to do alot of work with in the past… Now I’m going to try and get back with them because I belive in the NF for what they do. Not because I have NF…. So I just let you know that I know you do alot of stuff for people… So if you could help me that would mean more to me than anything beside this Lovely little girl beating this beast…. Have a very Blessed Day…… Thank you

    2. Chuck Harrison says:

      Hello, Kelli.
      This is a blast from the past. You were an excellent student in my English class. I have enjoyed watching your career. God bless you and yours.
      Chuck Harrison (Coach Harrison, Lindale H.S. 1978-1981)
      Currently in my 38th year of education and superintendent since 1994
      Dr. J. Charles Harrison :-)

    3. Jessica T. says:

      I think instead of those pink polka dot swing costumes, the DCC should wear their traditional uniform. HOWEVER, I believe that the traditional Cowboys blue should be substitued with the same color pink that makes up the stars of the sides of their boots. I think an all-pink tradtional style uniform would be fantastic. The DCC should wear this pink uniform during all of their games and appearances throughout the month of October. Just a thought.

    4. Hi Kelli!
      My name is Tatiana and one day I want to be a dcc one day! I am just 11 years old but you and the cheerleaders inspired me to be a cheerleader. My mom died of breast cancer so the breast cancer halftime show inspired me to follow my dream and be a dcc.

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