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20131113_181805This week, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Alumni Association gathered for a special evening called “Strength & Spirit” in support of their legendary director, Suzanne Mitchell, who is battling pancreatic cancer.

Suzanne’s front office career with the Dallas Cowboys Football Club is perhaps one of the most impressive runs in the National Football League. In the 1970s, she was the assistant to Cowboys general manager Tex Schramm. She managed everything from player contracts to public relations, providing critical support to the world’s premier sports franchise.

In 1976, Tex asked Suzanne to manage an extra little project in her “spare time” called the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. The Cheerleaders went from a big idea with a small presence to a WORLDWIDE SENSATION, and Suzanne’s part-time project suddenly became a full-time career.

Suzanne led the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders with passion, poise and finesse from 1976 to 1989.

If the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders organization could be compared to a bus, Suzanne Mitchell was the engine, she built the framework, she pioneered the path.

Some of us got on the bus and stayed a while, some got off.  This “bus” we call the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders has covered a lot of ground. From guard posts in South Korea to mountaintops in Turkey, from nursing home visits to television shows and movies, Suzanne blazed a path that everyone now follows.

“I’m proud to be the director of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and drive the bus Suzanne built,” said Kelli Finglass. “But mostly I’m proud of the stops we’ve made along the way, making people happy with the global touch of Suzanne Mitchell.

“I’d like to encourage everyone to join us in prayer and spirit – the spirit of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders – to provide strength to the woman who made us strong, Suzanne Mitchell.”

David Blank and Nicole Becker of the Diamond Doctor hosted the Strength & Spirit event. David and Nicole, who have been loyal partners of the Dallas Cowboys since 2008, opened their doors, their pocketbooks and their hearts to help introduce the Suzanne Bracelet. Proceeds from sales of this unique jewelry will benefit the Pancreatic Action Network, whose mission is to advance research, support patients and create hope.

20131114_094917_2The Suzanne Bracelet was designed by Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders alum Toni Washington. Toni cheered for Suzanne for four years, assisted her on several USO tours, and is a steady and loyal friend. For 30 years now, Toni has created accessories, fashion and furnishings.

After hearing news of Suzanne’s diagnosis with cancer, Toni produced her most purposeful piece of jewelry ever, the Suzanne Bracelet. Toni didn’t create it for profit. She created it out of her love for Suzanne, and a passion to fight this battle we know as cancer.

The Suzanne Bracelet is available at:

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    1. Keli: Hope this reaches you. I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated your kind words regarding my little sister. It was both thoughtful and gracious of you .
      Mitch Mitchell

    2. i’m sending my paryers ,my condolense and my hugs to legendary DCC director suzanne mithcell that’s batteling with pancreatic cancer and i’m willing to go an extra mile to help out all of the dallas cowboys football team and to also help out all of the dallas cowboys cheerleaders as well,suzanne did a wonderful job getting the dallas cowboys cheerleaders
      team built and my hats off to her,here’s to you szanne mithcell.
      chris michael hampton. go cowboys

    3. Linda McGrory says:

      11/17/13′ – Sun. @3:42p.

      To Suzanne,

      Prayers and my thoughts are with you! God be with you all the way!!!

      Dallas cowboys fan ..from Wilmington, Delaware !

    4. Michelle Fowler says:

      This story touches my heart for several reasons. I lost my mother, a huge Dallas fan, in August after an eleven day battle with pancreatic cancer. Raising awareness has become an important part of my life. Prayers for Suzanne, her family & the Dallas Cowboys family. ☆★☆★☆★☆

    5. im sad to here that she has cancer iv been watching the cowboys since i was a little boy back in the 70s i still watch my team .the cheer leaders i watch the tv show as well making the prayers are out to all of u god bless u all be safe .

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