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The Best Crowd Ever

Wow, what a week!

I have to say that I take exception to those who criticized our fans and stadium after hearing reports Tuesday morning that our Monday Night Football game was not loud or effective enough to contribute to a home-field advantage for our team.

The Redskins game, from my sideline perspective, was one of the most exciting games I have ever experienced in Cowboys Stadium. The energy and volume of the crowd was absolutely INCREDIBLE.

I had “prepped” the girls in the locker room about how loud a Monday Night Football game could be, especially a rival matchup like the Cowboys vs. the Redskins. I felt the cheerleaders needed to be prepared in case they couldn’t hear each other when cueing dances, and they might not even be able to hear the music over the crowd at times.

Not sure they really understood what I meant until after kickoff when the energy of the fans was at times deafening. And, of course, the win made Monday night one of the most thrilling victories I’ve seen at Cowboys Stadium. It felt like a true TEAM effort made possible by our players, our fans, our stadium and our game-day production team. I’ve been on the sidelines of Cowboys games for 27 years now, starting as a cheerleader in 1984, and Monday Night was one of my favorite Cowboys moments!

Now, for the rest of the week our focus will be on the upcoming Detroit game. The cheerleaders will be joined by 300 breast cancer survivors and co-survivors for an incredible halftime show featuring swing-style choreography set to an upbeat musical score with elaborate PINK costumes. Everything in the stadium will be PINK, PINK, PINK, reminding fans to take action against breast cancer!

This halftime show is my favorite because of the remarkable collection of cast members from Susan G. Komen For the Cure® and Bank of America that have all survived breast cancer and have become such extraordinary friends and allies in a PROMISE to end this terrible disease.

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