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The Busy Zone

The Cheerleaders have officially entered the BUSY ZONE!

We are in nightly rehearsals and in the final stretch getting ready for the Redskins game. The DCC will be opening the show with a powerful performance to “Thunderstruck,” which will dazzle the crowd and rally fans for the player introductions. Overall, we have 50 routines in our arsenal of choreography that will debut on Monday night.

On the injury front, it looks like four-year veteran Brittany Evans is going to need more time and treatment for her knee to heal properly. She will be performing some sideline routines and leading her group, but she has had to remove herself from our big midfield pregame performance due to the impact and stress on the knee from the signature DCC kickline routine.

The Cheerleaders are going to head to Longview, Texas this weekend to join our good friend Neal McCoy for his East Texas Angel Network Golf Tournament and Concert. Mr. McCoy has been a long-time friend of the DCC, having performed with the Cheerleaders on countless USO Tours. He has created a wonderful charity that helps those in need of financial support during long-term hospitalization of children. His program assists families with bills such as house payments, car payments and utility payments when they have had to relocate to a hospital for extended medical treatment of a child. The DCC have always enthusiastically lent their time and talent to Neal’s outreach program and are happy to return this weekend!

Finally, the Cheerleaders will have an open rehearsal at Cowboys Stadium during the Stadium’s “Rally Days” this Sunday, Sept. 25, so if you want a behind-the-scenes glimpse of a DCC rehearsal, or just want a fabulous tour of Cowboys Stadium, come on out to Arlington this Sunday.

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