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‘Tis the Season

Tis the season for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders to ignite Christmas Cheer at Cowboys Stadium with our Christmas Cheers Halftime Spectacular.

The Dallas Cowboys are known for making entertainment bigger and better, and this weekend’s halftime show is no exception.  Our Christmas cast of 167 performers will include a magical mix of Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders who will be joined by tumbling elves, rapping Santas and twirling Holiday Flags.

Our seamstress is very busy putting the finishing touches on the NEW DCC Christmas Costumes.  At halftime, the Cheerleaders will change from their traditional star-spangled blue and white uniforms to crystal embellished red velvet “Santa’s helper” outfits that they will wear at halftime and continue to wear for the 3rd and 4th quarters.

Enjoy the show, and Merry Christmas!

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    1. Wow, I Can’t Wait To See Them On Tv and At the Halftime Preformance as well, and
      It Makes Me Smile When I watch Them On TV and I’m Really Happy That I Received A
      2012-2013 DCC Squad Photo and SOme DCC Postcard Pictures That Really MAkes Me Smile,I Love The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders As well,and I Can’t wait to see The
      Dallas Cowboys Beat The New Orleans Siants With a 9-7 Win As NFC East Champions
      and I Also would Like TO See The Dallas Cowoboys Beat The WaShington Redskins
      With a 10-7 Win As NFC East Champions On Sun.12-23-12,Sun,12-30-12 and I Would Also Like To See The dallas Cowboys To Go Win The NFC Wildard and WIn THe NFC
      Divisional Playoffs And WIn The NFC Champions and Win the Pro-Bowl and To Win
      Superbowl XLVII As Superbowl XLII Chamipons at The Superdome In NEw Orleans,L.A.
      On Sun.2-3-12,and I Think That All DCC GIrls Will Look Beautiful And PRetty In Thier
      DCC Outfit and Christmas Costume and In Anything As well. You DCC Girls Rock.
      Chris Hampton

    2. Why do the cowboys play on holidays. Will the game be telleviesd in Australia

    3. Hi Mrs. Kelli,

      My names Jordan and I’m 17 years old. I have dreamed ever since I was little to become a DCC and I am considering trying out. I love watching the show and the girls are such an inspiration to me. My dream is to meet or even be able to talk to you or one of the girls about the experience of being a DCC and how I should prepare myself for tryouts.

      Thanks :)

    4. Yay!! can’t wait to see it!!! i LOVE their holiday costumes!!!!

    5. The same costumes with just a different belt.

    6. hey i love the cheerleaders christmas outfit i love them

    7. I am a native Dallasite who remembers watching the Cowboys back in the days when he was a little boy…. Regardless, I must say that I enjoy watching the show for a couple of reasons: Firstly, it reminds me of home and spending some Saturday mornings at the old training facility off Forest Lane watching Coach Landry and the team; Secondly, I am hard-pressed to find better leadership traits in life, and especially in the media, than what I see exhibited by the Director of the DCC. As a leader involved in developing others, I found myself hooked by watching how she guides this world-class roganization with such professionalism and care for all that is DCC, including the employees and other young ladies. I just wanted you to hear a possibly different perspective on the show and made sure I didn’t keep it to myslef any longer. If she is not already, I encourage her to involve herslef with mentoring future leaders, regardless of gender or age or any other discriminating factor.

      • Kelli Finglass says:

        Thank you Kris! I appreciate your kind words. I remember the old training facililty off Forest Lane too! A home of Champions! God Bless You!

    8. I always thought that the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders were a joke…even though I lived in the DFW area for 12 years…..then I watched all of the episodes of “Making the Team” Season 7 and I was both shocked and amazed by these girls and how hard they work and the sacrifices they make to be a part of the squad. I am both shocked and amazed that they also have to work Full Time Jobs to support themselves and most of them have multiple college degrees. I was horribly wrong thinking these girls are mindless bimbos…these ladies are smart educated charismatic professionals more so than those who run a ball up and down the field….these ladies should be paid as much!!!! Kudos to Kelli and her coaching/management team they show class and compassion! You have answered your calling….mentoring these young women!!!!!!! Waiting anxiously for season 8….

      • Tammy Mercer says:

        Like you, I am anxiously awaiting the next ‘Making the Team’ show. Until I watched the show last year, I was clueless as to how hard these young ladies work, how dedicated they are, their spirit, integrity…just amazing young women. Some of the girls have awesome careers outside of their positions on the DCC squad. These girls truly are role models for all young women. Their professionalism, ability to represent the Cowboys brand in such a credible and charismatic way, their committment to one another and the squad, their love of their leaders, Kelli and her team. I can’t say enough about how impressed I am with this organization and the young women who are ambassadors for this great football team.
        They are truly a team to be proud of for any American…and Texans must be beaming!
        Thanks for the great stories, inspiration and awesome show.

    9. Paula Grace says:

      I was curious to know which rookie cheerleader was named rookie of the year. Big fan of Making the Team. I look forward to it every year.



    10. Lorrie Morrow says:

      Kelly & Judy,
      I wanted to give you your props for the great job you both do in selecting and training these young women to fit into your visions of DCC’s. I used to think that the young women trying to make the team were the only ones with all the pressure, however, after watching Making the Team 2013-1013 I think you two women have to have the strenght of 40 women each. I am impressed. I would have either made everybody a DCC or started from scratch. I could never and never want to have that much pressure on me. Keep up the good work. By the way, is it true that these young women are not paid to be a DCC and must be self supporting?

    11. Yes ….its true, they have to be self-supported or full time students…!!!!!
      Jerry Jones ….should pay these girls something ….they are professionals and tremendously talented. They also are expected to be 24/7 DCC and uphold the traditions of class, fitness, and character of the highest standards as represenatives of the DALLAS COWBOYS !!!!
      So why doesnt Jerry Jones pay them…..He paid the drug, thug, and boozing prime time and play maker along with other players who have no class, character, or integrity off the field. WHATS UP WITH THAT !!!!!!!

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