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USO Tour Updates

While the Dallas Cowboys travel to Atlanta, GA this week to take on the undefeated Atlanta Falcons, the Cheerleaders will stay home here in Dallas and begin preparing our Holiday Christmas Tour show called “America and Her Music”

Each night at rehearsals, we will begin carefully crafting our 1 ½ hour variety show that will feature 12 select DCC in elaborate costuming and impressive choreography.  The Show is NOT designed for the football field, rather the stages set worldwide by our friends at the USO.

Only 12 select members of our squad of 39 will make this impressive journey to the Persian Gulf Region to entertain service men and women stationed so far from home during the holidays.

The 12 going on the 75th USO Tour will be:
–          Whitney Isleib
–          Cassie Trammell
–          Sydney Durso
–          Mia Greenhouse
–          Meagan McVay
–          Jackie Bob
–          Melissa Kellerman
–          Holly Arielle
–          Lauren Williams
–          Brittney Schram
–          Jacie Veronica
–          Olivia Rene

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    1. WOW! Cassie sure can suck it up to get what she wants. Pathetic.

      • What do you mean Cassie sure can suck it up to get what she wants? This is OPTIONAL when trying out to be a DCC, they don’t have to try out for show group. So her making show group isn’t pathetic, so how about you let Cassie enjoy her final season as a DCC & her last USO tour.

        • kristen harlow says:

          just fyi- they do have to try-out for show group

          • I know, I meant that just because they try out for DCC doesn’t mean they have to try out for show group. It did look wrong. I’m sorry, next time I’ll read it more carefully.

    2. I wish everyone would shut the hell up about Cassie. She deserves to be there so let it be and shut up.

      • i know! i dont get why people hate her!

        • Cassie turned me off when she was going through final auditions and she stated (whined) it was the hardest thing she had ever done. She’s got a pretty cushy life if that is the hardest thing she’s been through. I know first hand what it is like to go through rehab due to surgery and there are so many more things that make life hard. I don’t Iike the way she spoke to her fiancé during the pre wedding activities and during the wedding. I don’t like her using the word “suck” so much. The DCC are supposed to be ladies and that’s not very lady like. I wish her the best, but just don’t care for her.

    3. Hi. I’m soooooo wanting to see some pics of the Halloween halftime performance. I also want to see the Gameday Sheet 5. I just can’t get enough of the “goings on” of the DCC. I’m a former cheerleader and dancer and crave watching true professional dancers and your tv episodes fill that craving. I have all of the episodes recorded and watch them all of the time. People ask me a lot if I like “Dancing w the Stars” and I tell them “no”. I don’t care to watch amatuers. Thank you for sharing so much. Your organization is unparalleled!!


    4. congrats to all the ladies that made the show group and will be going on the USO tours.

    5. jeff pugliese says:

      congrats mia greenhouse home town girl joshua texas go owls!

    6. Michelle Risk says:

      Leave Cassie alone!!! She deserves everything she does and more. I think that she is amazing and an amazing person!!!!!

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