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What’s a Bye Week?

Well, I know everyone thinks the Dallas Cowboys are in a “bye” week, but our Cheerleaders are using this time to get prepared for our next major performances.

August and September were so crazy-busy with training a new squad, preparing for the first rush of football games, while at the same time filming an eight-episode series for CMT, that the chaos has almost been maddening. This bye week allows the DCC to come up for air and spend quality time on the creative process for our upcoming shows.

Last night, the girls began working on our upcoming Halloween Halftime Show that will be performed at the Cowboys/Rams game on October 23rd. The Halloween Show is under construction now with costuming, choreography and a musical score, but it will be a completely different approach to what Cowboys fans are accustomed too with a traditional Gameday DCC performance.

Also, tonight our Show Group begins preparations for our upcoming USO Christmas Tour to Okinawa and Korea. We will begin blocking and rehearsing the stage show entitled “America and Her Music.” It showcases the beauty and talent of the Cheerleaders with 16 elaborately choreographed and costumed pieces set to a variety of musical genres from country and rock ‘n roll to R&B and pop.

So “bye week” for the Cowboys? Means “prep week” for the DCC!

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