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A Hip Hopin’ Birthday Bash

This year I wanted to do something different for my daughter’s birthday. For five years we have celebrated her birthday with the typical in home birthday, Chuck E. Cheese or places like, Great Wolf Lodge. This year I tried to think outside the box and wanted to incorporate what she loves the most… Dancing! Like her mom, she has inherited a love for music and dance—so I thought a hip hop themed party would be perfect. In fact we called it, “Sianna’s Hip Hopin’ Birthday Bash.” This party contained three hours of hip hopin’ fun—and I’m sure it will be a day my daughter will never forget.

My first obstacle was finding the space. I actually realized that the best place for the party was right under my nose the entire time… my school. I asked permission from my school principal—and it was approved. So the party was held in my school’s big gymnasium. We started the party off with the kids receiving a bandana (instead of a party hat) and an ice breaker. What else better than the party classics, “Cupid Shuffle” and the “Cha Cha Slide.” The kids loved it! Plus it was a great way to get them moving around. Next on the agenda were games; Limbo, Freeze Dance, and Musical Chairs. However, I had to keep in mind that the majority of the kids were in Kindergarten, therefore I couldn’t simply call them out when they were out of the game. So in order to avoid temper tantrums I thought I’d make everyone a winner by giving them candy upon their exit. The winner of the game would simply be rewarded with a larger prize. After games I had three of my middle school students perform some break dancing tricks for the kids. My students may have been celebrities because the little ones absolutely loved them. After watching the big kids perform, it was time for the little kids to have their spotlight. Before the party I choreographed a super easy hip hop routine to the Kidz Bop version of “Party Rock Anthem.” They all loved it—even the boys!

After fun and dancing, we moved on to the traditional birthday party activities… food, cake and gifts. After that the kids danced around until it was time to go. I sent them off with a goodie bag and the official soundtrack of the party so they could jam out at home. They all had an amazing time, and even though it was a bit stressful being in charge of 16 little ones—I had a great time watching my little girl dance around with her friends. So, if you’re a parent and your little one has birthday bash coming up, sometimes it pays to think outside the norm.

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