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Daddy-Daughter Dance: Chelsea

In a celebration of Father’s Day, we bring you a series this week where we asked a few of our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, as well as their dads, about their journey to becoming one of America’s Sweethearts.

This story originally appeared in Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine. For subscription information, please click here.

This coming Sunday is when we’ll take the time to honor the old man, pops, papa, father, ATM machine or, of course, daddy. Wanting to show a little love to those dedicated few who sat through countless hours of dance rehearsals and cheer competitions, we posed questions to several of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the men who helped raise them. Today, meet Chelsea and Greg.

Happy Father’s Day!


Chelsea ElizabethWhat do you remember about your relationship growing up as a dancer?

Chelsea: My dad is the No. 1 cheer dad. He is a 6-6 man in the military who would wear the matching polka-dotted “Cheer Mom” shirts to my high school football games, except his proudly said “Cheer Dad!” He would yell all of our chants back at us, and would make sure everyone knew that, while he is a football fan, he was there to support the cheerleaders. He does the same thing at Cowboys games now. He’s a huge Cowboys fan, but he’s a bigger DCC fan!

Greg: Chelsea was always dancing, even in situations the average person wouldn’t think to dance. She enjoyed cheerleading, but was passionate about dance; because it was a big deal to her, it was a big deal to me. Her mother and I put our full support behind her passion, which was easier said than done living in a small town.


What was the conversation like when you talked about trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Chelsea: I am the most fortunate person in the world because I sat my parents down in the middle of the school year. I told them I wanted to leave college and move to Dallas to try out for the DCC. My dad said, “OK, we’ll do whatever we can to help.” There was no second-guessing. No disbelief. He knew I could do this, so he supported me 100 percent.

Greg: My thoughts were, “Go for it!” Even though I had heard it is statistically impossible to become a DCC, I knew she would always regret not pursuing her dream. Once she set her mind to it, we just supported and encouraged her. She did everything she needed to do to put herself in a position to be competitive.


Have you been surprised with what goes into being a DCC, from the tryouts to the games to the appearances?

Greg: Absolutely surprised. Being in the military, I know about tough training and never expected to see it in a group of cheerleaders. What I found during the preparation for tryouts, the tryouts themselves and the game rehearsals was a group of elite athletes with the mental toughness of warriors. I couldn’t do it.


How does dad handle seeing you perform, not to mention posing in calendars, with millions watching you?

Chelsea: My dad loves seeing me perform. He is not an emotional man, but when he sees me dancing at Cowboys Stadium, living my dream, it makes him overwhelmed with happiness. I know he is proud of me and I can always count on him to flash me an “I love you” sign from the stands.

Greg: As far as nervousness or having difficulty? There’s none at all.


What has your dad’s love and support meant to you?

Chelsea: My dad’s love and support mean everything to me. He is the man that I will always respect more than anyone in my life. I have always been the one to love and support him through wars and battles. And not only that, but in life. He is an amazing man of God who inspires people every single day. To think that I have his support means more to me than anything ever will.

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    1. I am so happy you are a DCC. You are a local girl because I live in Abilene! Good Luck in Training Camp and please give your Daddy a big Thank You for his service and defending our country and us.

      Lori :)

    2. Mark A. Weedon says:

      I’ve known Greg (COL Chaney) and his family for about 7 years now and I can attest that what you read above are living breathing facts, not made for TV scripting. He is a man of integrity, leader of vision, Father/Husband of character and they inspire me with my own family daily. I am proud to have served with him, and more proud to call him friend and know his family.


    3. robin downs says:

      I’m a friend of Nat’s she got me involved voting and watching you last year on making the team. I enjoyed watching your up and downs and I’m so proud that your a local girl. Congrats on making the team this year . Looking forward to watching you perform and keep track of you for many more seasons. You are very talented and have made the Big Country proud. Thanks for sharing you story and your dad with us all.

    4. Carla Lowery says:

      I am so proud of you that you have pursued your dream! You always were a go-getter! Your family is pretty special to me! And I always appreciate your dad, Greg, for his service to our country and for being in a few programs for me!

    5. Heather says:

      The thing that stuck out the most to me in this was her Dad saying, “because it was a big deal to her, it was a big deal to me. ” My parents would NEVER say that. So if you have a parent that would just know how lucky you are. =) Thank You for your service Greg!

    6. Karen Kidd says:

      I taught Chelsea and her sister. Both of them are amazing young women brought up by equally amazing parents. If God had “poster families”, this would be one. They live their love for God and family. Anyone who has ever been touched by this family is better for it. I’m proud to count your family as friends. Go Chelsea and DCC!

    7. Lisa Bruns says:

      I have know Greg for many many years I remember when my husband Victor was your dads boss in the National Guard and even back then your dad has been an amazing person. He has always put everyone first and you and your sister are so blessed to have him as your dad. I will always have a special place in my heart for your dad and your family even when he made LT in the guard he was so down to earth and never let his rank go to his head. Every time I see your parents they are always smiling and are the kindest people I know. I am proud of you going after your dream.

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