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Daddy-Daughter Dance: Jasmine

In a celebration of Father’s Day this month, we bring you a series where we asked a few of our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, as well as their dads, about their journey to becoming one of America’s Sweethearts.

This story originally appeared in Dallas Cowboys Star Magazine. For subscription information, please click here.

This is the month when we’ll take the time to honor the old man, pops, papa, father, ATM machine or, of course, daddy. Wanting to show a little love to those dedicated few who sat through countless hours of dance rehearsals and cheer competitions, we posed questions to several of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the men who helped raise them. Today, meet Jasmine and James.


Jasmine 4What do you remember about your relationship growing up as a dancer?

Jasmine: Growing up, my dad was always been my biggest supporter and my biggest fan. He was always at every game and performance I had. If ever had a bad practice or performance, I could always count on him to cheer me up and see the brighter side of things.

James: I remember how happy Jasmine was when she performed in front of people. Yes, it was a big deal because she was doing something she enjoyed and it showed in her performance.


Jasmine 3What was the conversation like when you talked about trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Jasmine: When I decided to audition for the DCC, I had just spent a year away working for Disney Cruise Line and didn’t know how I was going to tell my dad that I might be moving again. But to my surprise, he was so excited for me! However, first thing that came out his mouth was “COWBOYS?!” See, my Dad grew up a Steelers fan. But that didn’t bother him at all because he knew how important dancing and the DCC were to me. So he did everything possible with helping me and making sure I made this team.

James: My first thought was WOW! This is going to be very hard. I hoped that she would make the team and hoped that if she didn’t the first time, she would not let that deter her from her goal of becoming a DCC.


Have you been surprised with what goes into being a DCC, from the tryouts to the games to the appearances?

James: I was not surprised that it was hard to make the team. After seeing the show, I got a glimpse of how hard the girls really worked and how Kelli and Judy don’t miss a thing.


Jasmine 2How does dad handle seeing you perform, not to mention posing in calendars, with millions watching you?

Jasmine: I don’t think it bothers him at all having millions of people watching me perform. I’m sure he is use to it by now with all the shows and performances I have had in my life. I think when he’s watching he has his father moment and is proud to tell everyone that’s his little girl.

James: I do not have any difficulties with my daughter entertaining millions of people. I am a very proud father of a wonderful young lady and a DCC. Not many dads can say “My daughter is a DCC.” I am part of a select group of dads. We are a special fraternity: DCC Dad.


What has your dad’s love and support meant to you?

Jasmine: I am so blessed to have the support and love that my dad has given me all my life. Knowing he has my back whenever I need him or going through anything means the world to me. I’m one lucky girl! I know I’m making him proud.


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    1. wow,that’s an interesting story jasmine,thanks for you’re lovely postcard picture and the squad photo that you sent me that really puts a smile on my face and you have a wonderful dcc dad as well,and i spend time with my dad myself,fishing,running errands and going to the movies as well,you are beautiful,pretty,cute,wonderful and very special and i have afriend a steelers fan as you’re dad is,and i’ve been a dallas cowboys fan since 1993 and i’ve been a dallas cowboys cheerleaders fan since 2001 i’ve been writing to these lovely dcc girls brandi nace and a lot as you are all beautiful women as well, and i’ll post some blonde jokes,why did the blonde put T.I.G.F in front of her shoes
      toes goes in first and i have 2 nieces myself as well. you go girl go cowboys.
      chris hampton

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