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Daddy-Daughter Dance: Jordan

In a celebration of Father’s Day, we bring you a series this week where we asked a few of our Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, as well as their dads, about their journey to becoming one of America’s Sweethearts.

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This coming Sunday is when we’ll take the time to honor the old man, pops, papa, father, ATM machine or, of course, daddy. Wanting to show a little love to those dedicated few who sat through countless hours of dance rehearsals and cheer competitions, we posed questions to several of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders and the men who helped raise them. Today, meet Jordan and Charles.

Happy Father’s Day!


What do you remember about your relationship growing up as a dancer?

Jordan: My dad has always been so supportive of my passion for dance. I have been dancing since I was 2 and that means hundreds of performances, dozens of long dance recitals, and lots of TCU football games. And, he never missed one. He’s probably just thankful he only has one daughter!

Charles: I recall it always being a family affair. My wife Elizabeth, myself and Jordan’s three brothers, Chase, Alex and Nick, had a really good time following her dance career. We were always impressed with not only the physical discipline that was needed to compete at the national level, but also the enormous time commitment that was required to be the best. Did it seem like that big a deal? For sure! It was impressive to see all those national award scholarships and trophies pile up. Winning multiple national dance competitions in places like New York City, Las Vegas, Orlando and Dallas was a lot of fun for everyone.


Jordan2What was the conversation like when you talked about trying out for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders?

Jordan: I remember I walked into his office one day and told him I was officially going to audition for the DCC and I could tell right away he was excited for me. He’s been supportive of my DCC dream from the beginning. As long as I am happy, he is happy. And it gave him a good excuse to splurge on Cowboys season tickets!

Charles: If someone had told me years ago while I was sitting through all those dance competitions waiting for our girl’s three-minute routine that one day I would get to see Jordi perform as one of Americas Sweethearts AND in between routines watch my favorite Dallas Cowboys football team, well, talk about hitting the Dance Dad Lottery!


Have you been surprised with what goes into being a DCC, from the tryouts to the games to the appearances?

Charles: Not Really. I’ve been around the Cowboys long enough to know that they are a proud organization with a rich tradition of being the best, not only on the field but also in and around the community. And, the DCC are a big part of that tradition.


Jordan1How does dad handle seeing you perform, not to mention posing in calendars, with millions watching you?

Jordan: I don’t think he gets nervous anymore. He has seen me perform so many times, so now he can just sit back and enjoy the show. Also, being a TCU Showgirl, he saw me perform in front of thousands of fans numerous times, so he’s usually pretty relaxed when it comes to my DCC performances. My mom is probably a different story.

Charles: Only millions? C’mon, these are America’s Sweethearts. I thought it was billions. Do I get nervous? Nah, she and all the DCC rock the house! Jordan will always be my shining star, only now it’s a blue and silver star!


What has your dad’s love and support meant to you?

Jordan: I love my dad so much. I am fortunate to have such a supportive dad, and I seriously feel so lucky to be his daughter. My dad is one of my biggest fans and has always been so proud of me. He has given me the foundation and support to chase my dreams. He worked hard to support my love of dance and my dream of becoming a DCC, and I will be forever grateful!

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    1. super glad jordans back this season.

    2. wowee,i’m really happy that jordan is back this season,i’ve got a postcard picture of her in my photo album as well and i’ve been a dallas cowboys fan since 1993 and i’ve been a dcc fan since 2001 and i’ve written brandi nace,lisa hensley,breah brown,ryan ray,meagan
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    3. You are a lovely DCC jordan….I love your smile and beautiful hair….although i do miss my all time favorite Three DCC’s…..TRISHA TREVINO, Sunni Cranfill, and Misty Duncan ..not to say that I dont love the rest of the DCC….all of you are indeed the BEST

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