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Giving … On a Budget

Now I don’t know about you, but I know that I am really trying to stretch my pocketbook this Christmas. Even with a well-paying job, it’s tough to save money during these rough times.

That’s why this Christmas I am tapping into my creative side in order to save money. Besides, the true meaning behind Christmas goes way beyond gifts – it’s about rejoicing and being Merry! So here are some ways you can stay out of debt while still being able to put a smile on someone’s face.

Happy Holidays!

  • Bake a tasty treat. We all love baked goodies, so why not bake your favorite treat? Now it’s all about presentation, so find a crafty decorative plate, wrap the plate and your goodies with cellophane wrap, a pretty bow, and you are all set!
  • Framed memories and pictures. As a DCC some of the best gifts I’ve received have been framed pictures and memories. In fact, our DCC gift from the office staff this Christmas was a beautifully blown up picture of our kickline.
  • A stocking stuffed with socks. Everyone loves warm and cozy socks. So stuff a stocking that represents them, and fill it with some cool socks.
  • Ornament. You can buy a themed ornament, one that maybe represents who that person is, or you can even design your own by purchasing one and putting your own finishing touches on it.
  • A themed gift box/basket. A small bucket filled with that person’s favorite goodies. Make it themed, too! For example, if they love movies you can find a couple of cheap DVDs (Target and Walmart usually have pretty good deals) and fill it with uncooked bags of popcorn.
  • Music. This is a great idea, especially for your immediate family. … Every year my church sells a Christmas CD that I purchase. I burn my mom and my sisters a copy attached to a Christmas photo card. You can also be creative by making your own mix CDs based on the person’s musical likes. You can even place them in a travel case.
  • Journals. Don’t underestimate the power of paper. Teachers (like me), moms, young girls, we all love to write. Journals can serve as recipe holders, notebooks and diaries.
  • Aprons and cooking supplies. Do you know someone who loves to cook? Or maybe needs to learn how to cook? Try packaging a pot full of cooking supplies like pot holders, serving spoons, an apron … whatever you think they may need. You can even be creative by coming up with your own cookbook by simply printing out recipes from the web.
  • Travel gift set. Know any travelers? Give them a travel pillow, hand sanitizer, a first aid kit or even Airborne supplements to keep them from getting sick.
  • Board games. This is perfect for large families. It’s a great way to entertain and bring Christmas cheer.

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