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In My Fiancé’s Eyes

I thought it might be fun for the fans to get another perspective on our day-to-day lives as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Picking our brains about the organization and one another is easy, but an interesting change might be for someone close to us to tell you.

Therefore, I interviewed my fiancé about his thoughts on all of the craziness that is my life, and here are his very honest answers. We’ve been dating for three of the four years I have been cheering, and in less than two months he will officially be my husband, so he is not afraid to tell the truth! (If I decided to throw in a comment here and there, you will see my name in front of it)

1. When did you meet your fiancé, and was she already with the Cowboys?

Collin: We met in March 2009, and she was already cheering. I saw her on the show (CMT’s Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team) before we met, though, and I wanted to meet her. It turned out that we ended up in Florida at the same time, and a mutual friend, who was a DCC at the time, introduced us.

2. What were your initial thoughts about the DCC, and has your perspective changed about the organization since then?

Collin: My initial thought about the organization was that it’s a super hectic lifestyle, although not in a bad way or anything. I still think it’s really hectic with last-minute schedule changes and a lot of stuff like that, but I’m just more used to it now, so it isn’t such a shock.

3. What has been your favorite part of dating/being engaged to a DCC?

Collin: I have gotten to do a lot of cool stuff with the group of girls that are on the team and meet a lot of cool people. They are like a family and they celebrate birthdays, engagements and other events in huge packs. They are all very supportive of each other. I also got to meet Derek Holland through him dating another cheerleader, and now we stay in touch and are good friends. I would have never met him had it not been for these girls.

Cassie: I think he forgot about watching me at all the football games!

4. What is your least favorite part of it?

Collin: Trying to make plans. Ha!

5. Now, what do you think she would say are HER favorite and least favorite parts of the job?

Collin: I think she would say the vacations at the beach and the least favorite is practicing all night every night.

Cassie: Vacations? We don’t go on vacations … we go on business trips! Yes, I do enjoy calendar shoots, but my favorite part is the USO tour every Christmas. My least favorite part isn’t the actual practice; it’s just fighting the Dallas traffic to get there every night.

6. Do you think this opportunity will open doors for her in the future?

Collin: I hope so. I think depending on how she uses the experience will determine whether bigger doors will open for her.

7. Have you ever missed one of her games? A show?

Collin: I missed my first game since we’ve been dating this year. I had school during the home Monday night football game. I missed one of her Family & Friends shows once because of a test. Other than that, I’ve made them all!

8. When do the two of you spend quality time together?

Collin: During football season, we spend time together during the hour that I get home from work before she leaves, even though she is usually getting ready for practice. Now that she is hurt, we’re spending a whole lot of time together since she is unable to dance in all of the shows.

Cassie: He goes to work really early in the morning, and on his lunch break I am usually at school. Then, when he gets home from work, I leave about an hour later. During training camp, I leave before he gets home, so late night is really all we see each other. Sometimes I make him watch TV with me for a little bit when I get home from practice, but he usually falls asleep on the couch five minutes in. He can sleep sitting up … its pretty incredible.

9. When she is stressed about DCC and everything on her plate, does she vent to you or someone else?

Collin: I usually get an earful. She might halfway vent to someone else, but most of the time I get the tears and weird stories. Most girls on the squad can call up their moms for a vent session, but Judy won’t hear it from Cassie. Sometimes if she feels really stressed out she will call her mom and make a complaint, and her mom just says “tough.” She can’t be the nurturing mother that she normally is in those situations because Cassie is part of the organization she helped build so highly.

Cassie: His answer was perfect. I can’t vent to my mom because she’s the boss, so Collin gets the bad end of the deal.

10. On the 2011-2012 squad, who did/does your fiancé look up to?

Collin: Ally, because she keeps Cassie in line. She was her group leader last year, so she looks up to her a lot.

11. Who does she always call first (on the squad) when she is upset/excited about something?

Collin: Melissa

12. Who is the last person she spent time with outside of practice?

Collin: Angela, Veronica, and Brittney S. Angela visited Cassie a couple of times after her surgery. Cassie has really had a lot of rookies grow on her this year, and they are great friends now. One Saturday night when Cassie was still on crutches, those three came over and spent the entire night watching videos and hanging out with Cassie. They’re good girls.

13. Who on the squad makes her laugh the most?

Collin: She always laughs at Angela because she adds an “R” on the end of almost every word that ends in a vowel.

Cassie: Yeah, I still giggle at the accent. I don’t know why! I also laugh at Ann and Lauren a lot. They’re little class clowns.

14. Who would she call if her car broke down before rehearsal?

Collin: Nicole, because she lives nearby and always would drop anything for anyone. She is so nice! Since we live less than five minutes away, she always brings us baked goods. It’s awesome!

15. This year Cassie was a group leader. Did she seem more or less busy and/or stressed out?

Collin: More busy and WAY more stressed out.

Cassie: That’s funny because I think I had a less stressful year. As a rookie and two-year vet, I was always stressed because I heard all the millions of opinions from everyone about how we should do a certain step or dance routine. Now, I just have three other leaders, and we discuss problems amongst ourselves, and then share with the squad. Plus, it was easier to get things out of my mom. Like before I would call her and ask her a question, and she would tell me to ask my leader!

16. Does her busy life ever stress you out as much as it does her? Do you ever get stressed when she travels?

Collin: YES! Especially when it’s really busy and during the tours. When she’s halfway across the world, and I don’t hear from her for days at a time because they are just so busy, I get nervous. One year there was a lot of bombing and stuff going on in Korea and they still went. I literally went to the doctor and had high blood pressure then.

17. When she does travel, how do the two of you communicate, if at all?

Collin: Skype! It is a lifesaver. The first year she went on tour, she didn’t have a Skype account, so she had to call me on payphones for like five minutes if she had time after breakfast, which meant it was nighttime for me. Now I turn my computer volume up really loud, and when she gets a chance she calls me on there.

18. What kinds of things do you do to keep busy when she is on trips?

Collin: I hang out with her brothers, clean the house a lot, and play Xbox! She buys me a new game before every trip.

Cassie: I find it easiest if I get him a new Xbox game and give it to him the day I leave. Then I don’t get in trouble for not calling him much! We really don’t have a lot of downtime on trips, so he keeps busy without me.

19. If she makes the squad for a fifth year, do you think being married will make the season a different experience for her, or do you think it will be the same?

Collin: I think being married won’t change much about her experience. She will still go on tours and trips, but the only difference is that she will get booed when she does her introductions like the other married girls did! This year was our first Christmas together since we’ve known each other because there was a game on the 24th, but I am sure she will miss our first holiday as a married couple. I think that will be hard, but I know that she really wants to be there another year, so why should I hold her back from that?

20. What is something that you look forward to whenever she retires from being a DCC?

Collin: Dinner on weeknights!! She always cooks when she doesn’t have practice, and I love home-cooked meals. Also, being able to make plans and know that she will be able to follow through!

21. What will you miss about it when she retires?

Collin: Getting lots of souvenirs from cool places, and I guess not seeing her dance. Ha, just kidding! I will miss watching her dance because that makes her happy.

22. Do you believe that there is a certain aspect of being a DCC that your fiancé shines the brightest? At what part of the job do you think she is best? (Dancing, community service, appearances, etc.)

Collin: She is probably the best at keeping everything in line. She is a good leader. She will fight for that squad and make sure everything is perfect. This year she made the music for one of their Show Group dances, and I swear she was doing it from sunrise to sunset for a week. She doesn’t take a lot of crap, to say the least, and she is a perfectionist. If she notices that someone is being out of line, she is not afraid to let them know, and she doesn’t hold back.

23. Are you proud of her accomplishments as a DCC? At what specific times are you the most proud to be her fiancé?

Collin: Yes, and I am most proud right before they leave for the holiday tour, and seeing all the videos on YouTube when they get back. Seeing all the soldiers watch their send-off dress rehearsal before they leave makes me so proud.

24. In your opinion, what has she gained from her experiences during her life as a DCC thus far?

Collin: When I met her she was a rookie and a little more shy. She is a lot less shy around people now that she was put in a leadership position. Now she can talk to anyone and she has gained a lot of charisma through the experience. She still has all the same goals; she just works harder to reach them.

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