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Setting My Goals

1. After my surgery, my first priority this year is rehab, rehab and more rehab! I have no choice but to focus on getting my knee better as soon as possible because we have auditions in three months, and my wedding is in a little over two months. My main concern is auditions, though, because I know that just because I’m trying out for a fifth year on the squad, the judges see no difference between me and any other first-year girl auditioning. I have to be at 100% come auditions because there are no exceptions for injuries if I want my spot on the squad back for another season. Right now, dancing and kicking seem so far from my grasp, as I am still on crutches and in a huge brace, but as long as I continue and follow through with my therapy, I can be in top physical condition by May.

2. In 2012, I want to start going to church. I have never belonged to a church, nor has my family ever really had time to go to church because everyone is so busy. The thought of going has always been in the back of my mind, but I haven’t taken the initiative to just go and find a church that I really like. This year I will definitely do it.

3. I want to take my animals on more walks! Everyone in my neighborhood is always walking their dogs or jogging with them. Every time I look out the window I see it. So this year I really want to be better about taking my two dogs on walks, and sometimes my cat. (Yes, I said cat. It’s crazy, I know!) He seriously follows us on 30-45 minute walks every chance he gets. By the time we are finished, he is panting, but still walking right beside us.

4. I hope in 2012 that I can make better grades in school, and take one more step toward graduating. This semester I have taken on a heavy load of classes and I am buckling down and working hard to get through it. I am committing to no longer being a procrastinator when it comes to schoolwork, and I won’t just do enough to get the grade; I will go above and beyond the norm.

5. I want to stay in touch or get back in touch with old friends. I have always been really bad about just picking up the phone and calling an old friend, so this year I will definitely be sure to work on that flaw.

6. As much as I hate the words I am about to declare, I am going to attempt to work out more this year. I have always been the girl who only does what is required of me, but never more on my own. For me, dancing is plenty of cardio. If I did anymore cardio I might shrivel up and blow away with the wind. But I do need to get some toning fit into my schedule and whatever else I can do. I have tried so many different workouts that just haven’t clicked for me. Yoga is something that most people on the team love, but I just have a hard time focusing for that long, so it’s just not my favorite. Also, I have tried upbeat stuff like zumba, but I’m just afraid I will lose too much weight rather than toning. Bar Method is a workout that I have enjoyed in the past because it is a lot of toning and stretching, with just a little cardio. With my knee injury though, doing a lot of what is required in Bar Method will be hard for a while.

7. In 2012, I want to be an inspiration for someone. I want at least one person to look at me and think that I have either helped them somehow, led them in the right direction, or just had some kind of positive influence on them. I want to be a more positive person this year, and hopefully through a new optimistic attitude and open mind, I can achieve my goals.

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