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‘Twas The Night Before Tryouts

‘Twas the night before tryouts and all thru the metroplex,
Not a finalist was stirring, not even a vet!
The costumes for solos are all hung with care,
In hopes that the number is called that they wear.

The dancers are nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of kicklines repeat in their heads.
And Kelli and Judy with their notes and their scores,
Tomorrow the judges will surely take more!

When out on the field there arose such commotion,
As girls dance on the star with so much emotion.
Down to the splits they flew like a flash,
Performing the kickline, like it could be their last.

The judges way up in the stands watch below,
When they find the right girl for the uniform, they’ll know!
When, what to their watchful eyes should appear,
But so many talented girls, so sincere.

With a couple of girls that you surely won’t forget,
You know in a moment they must be a vet!
So lively and pretty when they cheer at a game,
They’re America’s Sweethearts and you know them by name!

“Now Cassie! now, Jackie! now, Lauren! now, Syndey!
On Meagan! On, Mia! On Melissa and Whitney!
To the top of the star! To the 50 yard line!
Now dance! Perform! Show them how you shine!”

And then in a twinkling you see on the field,
So much passion and precision in the stadium filled!
As they draw down their heads and watch down below,
The judges surely are in for a show!

They’re all dressed in Nike with big Bed Head hair,
Hoping to earn back the Luccheses they wear.
They dance with such grace in all perfect form,
‘Cause the vets want to earn back their uniform.

The judges are certainly in for a task,
Selecting the girls that will fight to last.
They go over the finalists with deliberation,
Giving each and every girl equal consideration.

After hours and hours and hundreds that dance,
They’ve narrowed it down to those with a chance.
And finally Kelli and Judy agree,
They’ve picked out the hopefuls to become DCC!

As they enter the room and stand before all,
Everyone draws quiet and stares up in awe.
And one by one Kelli goes down the list,
Calling the names of the girls that they picked.

As each girl is called they hold back a scream,
They’ve come one step closer to making the team!
But Kelli and Judy both certainly know,
Just how much work is still left to go.

Training Camp is next, no if ands or buts,
If you don’t work your hardest, you just might get cut!
“So let it be known,” Kelli says with honest might,
“Congratulations to all! Now get ready to fight!!”

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    1. Brian Barnes says:

      Brittney that poem was outstanding. You have a talent for poetry.

    2. Courtney says:

      That’s pretty much the most clever thing I’ve ever experienced. Amazing.

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