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Finding Fun at Tailgate Arlington

On Sept. 17, Brittney Schram, Colleen Meghan, Emma Mary and I were a part of Tailgate Arlington, a fun afternoon at the Howell Family Farm in celebration of education. Everyone’s participation in the event benefited the Arlington ISD Education Foundation in order to help students reach their dreams. The proceeds helped fill the immeasurable gap between what Arlington ISD students need in the classroom and what is available.

Not only was this event a blast because we got to interact with diehard Cowboys fans rocking their favorite players’ jerseys, watch football games that were playing on a huge screen, listen to entertaining live music, play fun games and chat with guests as they enjoyed delicious food from Babe’s Chicken Dinner House, but one other thing that I loved about this appearance, was that I was with THREE wonderful new rookies.

When I found out I was doing this appearance with three rookies, it immediately took me back to my very first appearance four seasons ago. It was the American Heart Association’s signature fundraising event, the Heart Walk, in September of 2008. I remember I was the only rookie, and the three veterans that I appeared with that day did a great job of preparing me. It’s an unexplainable feeling doing your first DCC appearance. Of course, we all love performing and cheering on our Cowboys at games, but events, charity, and USO appearances are some of the best experiences about being a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader.

Brittney, Colleen, and Emma were great on their first appearance, and I had an awesome time answering their questions, making them feel comfortable, and preparing them for the future, when they are the veterans of the bunch.

I love Brittney’s personality. She is outgoing and fun … and funny, too! What I really loved was that I could literally see how thrilled she was to be on her first appearance, talking to guests and signing autographs for them. I’m not sure if her smile could have been any bigger!

Colleen is such a sweetheart. She is also great with children. When she and I were mingling with guests, we noticed a little girl who had jammed her finger playing football with her dad. She blamed him for hurting her finger, and she sat their with her arms crossed and a pouty look on her face. Her dad tried to get her to take a photo with us, but she refused. Colleen and I looked at each other and knew what we needed to do. We gave her our “magic” pom-poms, and we instantly saw a smile, on her face and her dad’s. It’s the simple things that mean the most.

Emma is in my group on the field, so I have been able to get to know her over the past few months. She is very sweet, and she has a fun and unique personality. From that appearance, I could tell that she had a great time interacting and laughing with the guests at Tailgate Arlington, and I look forward to more appearances with her this season!

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