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The cheerleaders get the special opportunity to spread holiday cheer throughout the DFW area and overseas with the USO. It’s the best time of the year because we have home football games, fun halftime shows, the Cowboys’ Christmas party, and most importantly, events like A Wish with Wings, Toy Shopping with the Marines, children’s hospital visits, and Kidd’s Kids.

Kidd’s Kids was started in 1991 by Kidd Kraddick, the radio personality many of you hear on 106.1 FM in the morning. It’s a great organization that gives terminally or chronically ill children and their families an awesome five-day vacation to Disney World in Orlando, Fla. The send-off celebration was at Love Field with Southwest Airlines hosting the event in one of their hangers. The party involved awesome food, music, the Wii’s “Just Dance” video game, Disney movies, and the DCC spreading additional cheer. The families chosen for the trip were mostly from across Texas and we loved meeting all of them.

During appearances like this, we usually split up in pairs and each carry a small stack of squad photos to sign. It’s always funny to see people get surprised when we seem to pull a sharpie out of thin air for an autograph – we hide them on our cuffs for quick and easy access!

The kids we met were, across the board, Cowboys fans and they all had a favorite player. Jason Witten and Miles Austin were the two names I heard the most. And, of course, I took a poll on which Disney character they were most excited to meet. Mickey Mouse and Ariel were by far the most popular.

The party was themed as the Oscars and was complete with two huge bronze statues by the entrance and a red carpet. To make the children feel special even on their way out to the plane, we made a “player introduction” line that framed the red carpet and rallied for each family as they walked to the plane. During the boarding, we had another chance to chat with the kids and keep their excitement up because some of them were nervous about flying for the first time.

The entire event was perfectly organized and everyone involved had so much fun. Many hugs and photos took place that morning and the smile on my face lasted all day long. Kidd Kraddick and his entire crew did an amazing job and Kidd’s Kids is an organization that is truly on the right track with changing lives.

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    1. dear dallas cowboy cheerlders I love these pictures of the children ,great job I work with children in olearns kids tyme las vegas I love working with children. love you guys.go cowboys let,s win sunday game. michelle k.

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