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My First Show!

My first show!

As you may know, Cassie has joined the injured reserve. She recently had surgery to fix her bum knee and will be out of commission for the time being. This unfortunately makes show group down one man.

SURPRISE! Judy asked ME to temporarily fill in the missing spot! This doesn’t mean I’m on show group or anything, it just means I’m helping out on some shows that need the full 16.

Last night we held our one and only rehearsal for tonight’s show, meaning it was my first time to witness a show group practice and man was it fun! I’m sure to my teammates it’s just routine, but to me it was so exhilarating! We are performing our traditional “Thunderstruck” routine, but there is a different entrance and I’m standing in a different spot, so it feels weirdly new!

More than anything I’m just so excited to be dancing again! Many of my teammates sent me emails expressing their excitement as well. I can’t explain how wonderful it is to dance beside people who genuinely love dancing and love supporting their friends!

I am so sad for Cassie and am hopeful that her recovery is quick. I’m also so grateful that Judy has faith in me to live up to show group expectations! Kelli mentioned that she still vividly remembers her first show, and I feel the same! Tonight was so not a big deal to the rest of my teammates, but to the girl back right, it was a blast! The crowd was phenomenal!

This may be my one and only show, but I will remember it forever! Thank you Judy and Kelli!

And get better Cassie!


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