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Katelyn is part of our rockin’ office staff who wears many hats. She is in charge of scheduling appearances and planning events like our team retreat to the Gaylord Texan, calendar release party and so much more. I don’t even know all of her responsibilities, but I do know she works very hard and juggles all of us cheerleaders with grace and style. (Just imagine a modern-day Audrey Hepburn!) Basically, she tries to make our lives easy while she is the one doing a million things at once.

We recently received emails regarding a last-minute appearance with CMT. Their new show, “Top Secret Recipe,” was shooting in Dallas and they wanted some signature white boots and blue stars on this particular episode. Many of us promptly responded “Yes!” and were briefed on the gist of the shoot. From my understanding, they wanted some cheerleaders sampling the famous Chili’s ribs and then weighing in on their taste. It was a bye week, so no literal weighing in for us meant we were all excited to acquiesce to their request.

Wednesday morning rolled around and Katelyn sent her first email changing the time of the appearance that night … no big deal. Then a little later in the day, we were notified it was moved to the next day because some details in the contract still needed to be settled. So Thursday afternoon was the new time and those of us who could, changed work schedules again and planned on being there.

I rode with rookie Alyssa to the appearance and while we were chatting away I happened to open my email on my phone and see “CMT shoot CANCELLED” in the newest message’s subject line. “Uhhhh, Alyssa, it was just cancelled.” Of course, she thought I was joking and didn’t believe me until I showed her my phone at a red light. Perfect. We had all rushed around and were either at Valley Ranch or 5 minutes away at the time final word came out about the change.

Naturally, Lauren offered to drive those of us who now found ourselves three hours early for practice with nothing really to do, and take us to get frozen yogurt. If we weren’t meant to have ribs that day, a little fat-free froyo wouldn’t hurt anything!

Of course, it’s never bad to be able to hang out with your best friends. It’s rare to see each other outside of practice because we are all so busy, and this little spontaneous afternoon date was perfect to catch up on Cassie’s wedding plans, favorite workouts, the latest boy drama and, of course, brainstorming for awesome Halloween costumes.

Back at practice that night, a diligent Katelyn informed us that the final shoot was re-scheduled on Friday at noon and that it was NOT changing again. She has so much patience. Unfortunately, I could not get out of work, but some girls were still able to swing it and showed up for the shoot. They ate ribs and filmed in an open field that apparently attracted so much attention that cars stopped and passengers tried to take photos of the girls from the road. I had to laugh imagining what they saw: Our beautiful cheerleaders in their pristine uniforms, hair blowing all over in the wind, negotiating ribs and BBQ sauce into their mouths without spilling on the white vest or getting food in their teeth! The camera crew had to start over several times because of the stopped cars … we sometimes do create a scene!

We are all aware of last-minute changes, and this is certainly not the first time it has happened, nor will it be the last. However, upon entering our locker room last night for practice, each of us who had signed up at some point for the shoot had a goodie bag in our locker. Katelyn had personalized little “thank you for your flexibility” notes and decorated cute pink bags with our names. Inside was the exceptionally sweet part – and Kelli, do not read what’s next! – Katelyn had made us Rice Krispie treats, oreo balls and puppy chow! So before practice some of the girls had quite the sugar high. Katelyn is so thoughtful and we loved it all.

Part of the job is to be flexible and make it work; third time is the charm. I look forward to the episode airing on CMT.

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