2013 Training Camp Candidates

Congrats to our 2013 Training Camp Candidates!


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    1. Barbara Snyder says:

      Nice picture but it would be better if you named the candidates.

    2. Can we get a list of their names like last year?

    3. melisa mireles says:

      yes please!! really hard to tell on the small picture!! Thank you!!

      • sara a olsen says:

        yes this word be nice to have list of nanes we got pictures now gave us names to go with pictures thank you

    4. Names would be nice. Also is there a way to enlarge the picture so we can see if we recognize anybody?

    5. Could we get the names please?

    6. Bill Schubele says:

      I for one do not need the names…as an attentive watcher of one of the very few shows on TV that exudes class while demanding discipline and a work ethic, I already know the names and faces of the veterans…oh…er, did I just say that out loud?!

      Ah, What the heck! Hey Jennifer!

      • sara a olsen says:

        ok but the names you have listed our the vetrans what our the names of the rookie candidates that is what i am after SO THERE FOR LIST ALL NAMES IT WORD HELP THANK YOU

    7. here are the names….jenna, jackie bob, sydney, brittney,angela, emma, katty, nicole, mia, jennifer, mckinzie, lauren, alex, coutney, veronica, amelia, holly,ashely carisa,danielle, chelsie, jessica,jordan,jasmine,jaci, kim , kelsay, kinzie, olivia…and the rest are ROOKIES……

    8. did any of the dcc vets…who were cut last year even try to comeback….i really like CASSIE KATHELEEN….and feel she should hav stayed on….but i know they have there standards on weight, but she would have lost the weight…as for the torres sister …hmmm not sure if she was into it…and i felt bad for meagan michelle…too but i think she lost it on the panel interview…

      • Dude, none of them came back to reaudition this year! Cassie Kathleen is currently studying abroad in Australia, Alyssa Torres decided not to reaudition, Meghan Michelle moved back to her home state and the where abouts of Jenna Allison & Kamilah Brett are unknown. I agree that they could’ve been given time to lose the weight while in training camp, but I don’t think Kelli & Judy had the patience for it.

      • Susan Price says:

        I do think if veterans gain weight they should have to follow the same rules. They are veterans and are supposed to be setting and example for the rookies. ON the other hand I think to much focus on image is a bad thing because it can destroy a persons self asteem, we all can not have the dcc cheerleader body and I can bet u money that if judy and Kelly tried to do any of those jump spilts or high kicks someone would have to pick their behineys up off the ground because no matter who u are after u turn 40 and after having babies everything goes south quickly. I used to be on a high kick/jump spilt dance/cheeleadering squad all 4 yrs in high school if I did all those moves now I would be truly messed up no offence judy and Kelly it is time for u guys to retire and let the younger generation of cheerleaders take over the team. You guys have done a super job but its time to go to the cheerleaders hall of fame because u both deserve it u are both wonderful inspirations to all young girls and women around the world. sp Winston-Salem nc.

    9. Brian Barnes says:

      I know Kelli and Judy will have a great squad this year just like they always do.

    10. Patti Weise says:

      I would love to purchase DVDs of all 8 years of the show-I ve been watching since the first two hour show and would love to have the entire collection. Am I the first one to ask about this?


    11. i thought jackie bob wasn’t going to audition again! glad she did!!

    12. WOW…!! Cassie Kathleen… was awesome even so…im glad she is pursuing her dreams… WOW…SYDNEY is the lone ranger from 08 ,,,and Jackie bob n Mia are the last two from 09….squads….its a trip seeing the new girls… Nicole and Lauren ae the last two fro 10 squad and the rest are NEW…1y and 2yr….vets..
      Im glad Karissa didnt make it,… she thought she was all that …and as you can see they saw right thru her…

    13. Sherri McFadden says:

      We want to know the names, what’s the deal?

    14. Is their and Native Americans trying out this year?

    15. i was shocked meagan macvey….didnt come back for 5 yrs….OH WILL …she was good

    16. Kelli n Judy will post the names soon…. they have to get clearance from JERRY JONES……LOL…

    17. Okay….HEAR ARE THE NAMES…… Kim Nicole, Jasmine Raphaella, Chelsea Elizabeth, Danielle Marie, Jacie Veronica, Kelsey Lauren, Jenna Lene, Collin Julia, Ashley Marie
      Jordan Elizabeth, Olivia Rene, Jennifer Alexis, Kinzie Ryanne, Teri Lynn, Emily Claire
      Katy Marie, Kali Nicole, Angela Rena, Courtney Cook, Colleen Meghan, Amelia Bren, Jessica Marie, Alexandra Caroline
      Carisa Rose, Mackenzie Lee, Mia Greenhouse, Sydney Durso, Lauren Williams, Emma Mary, Alex Hermes
      Nicole Bulcher, Meagan McVay, Melissa Kellerman, Whitney Isleib, Cassie Trammell, Jackie Bob, Holly Arielle
      Brittney Schram, Veronica Ann

      • Hillary says:

        That’s the old squad, 9 of those girls aren’t in the picture (6 retired & 3 didn’t make it back)

        • Actually, five don’t make it back. Well, four don’t make it back; one gets cut in TC and another leaves TC on her own.

    18. 2010…Best DCC Squad Ever….. ; Kaitlin LeGrand, Stephanie Heymann, Sasha Agent, Ann Lux, Alyssa Sarasani
      Carey DePasquale, Olivia Stevanovski, Joannah Liad, Meagan McVay, Meagan Sharp, Sunni Cranfill, Jackie Bob, Lauren Williams
      Tia Williams, Jordan Baum, Michelle Keys, Crystal Trevino, Ashton Torres, Evan Anderson, Meredith Oden, Ally Traylor, Nicole Bulcher
      Kaitlin Ilseng, Tobie Percival, Mia Greenhouse, Brittany Evans
      Jordan Chanley, Sydney Durso, Cassie Trammell, Kelsi Reich, Melissa Kellerman, Whitney Isleib
      Brooke Sorenson, Trisha Trevino….

    19. If yyou want to get all dvd making the team ….you have to go to Amazon….they got them….i got all the seasons except for 7 and this years of course…

    20. I wish that Cmt or the cowboys marketing team would make a Five year making the team dvd and then another Five year making the team …dvd plus maybe even make a history DCC dvd of as many film and Former DCC retired vets…from back in the day ….I am sure alot of us fans would buy these Dvd’s….Hoping they do ….

    21. wowee,i’ll buy the dvds and i’m looking foward to watching them as well, i really love watching dallas cowbys cheerleaders making the team it’s one of my favorite tv shows in the whole wide world,i’ll watch it on dvds and i’ll watch it over and over again and i’ve been a dallas cowboys fan since 1993 and i’ve been a dcc fan since 2001 as well, and i’m a football fan,i’m a big cowboys fan and i’m a big fan of the dallas cowboys cheerleaders too

    22. What happened to Courtney Cook?

    23. somethin happened with courtney cook cause its not lettin me into her twitter page but yet she made it back 4 a 3rd yr. ???????

      • sara a olsen says:

        could we get names of rookie grils and retraning vetrans last year we got them asap right out og gate dont get whats taking so long plasure gave us names soon thank you

      • She was probably cut/or she left for some reason. After all they’re 29 returning vets.

    24. victoria olmsted says:

      I did not think that cassie was going to be back this year. I saw somewhere that she was a 5 year veteran but it is good to see that brooke and trisha auditioned this year

    25. coutney cook made it….i wonder what is going on…? Maybe she was caught with Colleen Meagan….dancing in the strip bars…..hmmmmmm but she didnt sem the type, but then neither did Colleen Meagan …???

      • How do you know Colleen was caught dancing in the strip clubs? Courtney Cook made into training camp, that doesn’t mean she is a lock.

    26. Cassie trammel shouldnt have made the team her first year or her last ….if they really wanted to be fair …. i like her but she was hook up…

    27. Tamara Owens says:

      I thought girls had to retire after 5 years? I am surprised to see a few back who have exceeded that.

    28. Does it annoy anyone else that so many girls use their middle name as their last name?

      • They’ve done that for privacy issues, I bet. All new rookies the past several years have done first/middle with the ones using their last names being “retired” out of the squad. With how much more interaction there is with them in social media, etc., I’m sure that the DCC organization is just trying to give them some semblance of privacy.

    29. If you hover over the word “squad” on the menu bar, it shows you 29 girls. I assume those are the 29 vets that are in training camp. So this leaves out… Collin, Teri, Emily, Kali, Colleen, Alexandra, Meagan, Melissa, Whitney and Cassie. We know several of those girls retired so you can speculate as to which three reauditioned but did not make it back.

    30. Sarah Kraig says:

      I see that Courtney Cook is in the training camp picture, but she was not in the 2013 swimsuit issue, and you can no longer access her DCC Twitter account. What happened?! Is she ok? She is a fan favorite!

    31. the new girls look beautiful…

    32. Personally, I don’t think Cassie’s knee would’ve lasted another season, so typically she retired after 5 years. Besides, she’s pregnant and expecting a boy. Whitney and Britney Evans are also pregnant.

    33. WOW…whitney was awesome….she could dance and so could Britney evans,,,, wow…they were a few of my favs…. Cassie is better off moving on she use to hogg up the blogs and it seem like no one ever got a chance to say stuff….i liked her mom and her but ….oh well im glad she is retired

    34. Yeah. I really want a list of their names!! I am a major fan of these girls!!! D:

    35. Dee Anna says:

      If you click on “Squad” it shows individual pics of the cheerleaders, how ever some are missing if you compare it to the 2012 squad photo: they are Teri, Emily, Collin, Kali, Megan and Melissa. I know there are others not pictured there, like Whitney, Cassie but I know they retired. One website said the 3 vets did not make it back into training camp….I guess we will have to wait and see…..darn it. Anyone know when CMT is airing new season. BTW: I loved last season with the more “after they make the squad” stuff. I think that is what interestes people the most…you can only watch “training camp” stuff for so long, it gets to be the same ol-same ol.. but the new stuff is very intertaininig and it gives you more insight to what these ladies do as cheerleaders…

    36. Here is the ( TCS ),… **** Training camp squad ****……Amelia, Jackie Bob, McKenzie, Courtney, Brittney, Alex, Jenna, Mia, Lauren, Sydney, Emma, Katy, Angela, Veronica, Nicole, Jasmine, Daniele, Jacie, Jordan, Holly, Olivia, Kinzie, Kim, Kelsey, Jessica, Jennifer, Chelsey Carrisa, Ashely, and the rest are TCC’s Rookies………So there you have it….!!!!!!! I HOPE ALL THE VETS MAKE IT BACK … ONLY 6 ROOKIES can make the team 2013 – 2014

      I’d like to see Katlin Legrande come back…and Ann Lux….too…!!!!

    37. Christine says:

      What happened to Courtney and Chelsea?

    38. What!! I didn’t training camp???

    39. D wolfer says:

      Now I see on face book that Chelsea’s twitter account is closed & it comes up as former DCC. Now we don’t know what happened to Courtney or Chelsea. I wish they would post the names of the TCS but guess we will have to wait till they anounce the squad probably next month.

    40. D wolfer says:

      The 2013-2014 squad is posted on Ultimate Cheerleaders website.

    41. The 2013-2014 squad is posted on Ultimate Cheerleaders. Once you are on the website then click on Ultimate Cheerleaders & scroll down to the bottom , then click on older posts & scroll down to this years squad.

    42. Christine Lynch says:

      The 2013 DCC: Sydney, Jackie, Mia, Lauren, Nicole, Angela, Amelia, Holly, Brittney, Emma, Mackenzie, Katy, Veronica, Alex, Ashley, Carisa, Danielle, Jacie, Jasmine, Jenna, Jennifer A., Jessica, Jordan, Kim, Kelsey, Kinzie, Olivia, Abby, Ashley N., Courtni, Hannah, Jennifer K., Jessica A., Jinelle, Kaitlym, Morgan, Paige, Rachel and Samantha.

    43. Lori jones says:

      I think courtney left because she was sick and Chelsea was cut for weight issues also I heard a rumor that Kali some how made it back on the team but don’t take my word for it.

    44. When I was watching one episode, at the end it shows the preview for the following week. Kelli is telling the vets, they lost a teammate and crying?

    45. Courtney made a choice not to return after she was admitted to training camp. Sounds like something medical. None of our business. She made a decision that is right for her, so more power to her. Squads loss no doubt, but best for her….

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