2014 DCC Pro Bowl

Jackie Bob

Today, the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders announced fifth-year veteran Jackie Bob as this season’s Pro Bowl representative.

She was selected by her teammates and the DCC staff based on her dance ability, showmanship, poise and leadership. Fans were also invited to cast a ballot for their favorite cheerleader.

Jackie will travel to Honolulu, Hawaii, for the Jan. 26 event, joining a prestigious group of NFL representatives. She will learn over 20 new routines, perform in a nationally televised halftime, and make public appearances throughout the entire Pro Bowl week of festivities.

Jackie’s selection is very unique in that she has cheered in the NFL for nine seasons, ­ four with the 49ers and five with the Cowboys. Having represented San Francisco at the Pro Bowl in 2009, she will become the ONLY NFL cheerleader in history to make a REPEAT appearance on different teams at the Pro Bowl.

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    1. Congratulations Jackie Bob! Well deserved!!!

    2. Don’t you mean the only cheerleader from different teams to go to the pro bowl? Dorie Braddy represented DCC in 1993 and 1995.

    3. Susan Normandin says:

      Way to go, Jackie Bob!!! History in the making!!! I voted for you :)

    4. Lisa Bennett says:

      Jackie Bob is always a classy lady! I voted for her, too! Much love and success in your future!

    5. congratulations jackie,i’m really happy for you as well and you are one clssy lady,i’ll be
      watching her at the pro-bowl as well,and i want the NFC TO Go BEat the ACF As 2014
      Pro-BOwl champions in honolulu,H.I. ANd Do you think the new orleans saints will beat the philadelphia eagles as NFC Wildcard champions and win superbowl XLVIII in NY/NJ
      Go cowboys.
      chris hampton

    6. Way to go Jackie!

    7. That’s awesome you are very beautiful and you deserve it keep up the good work jackie

    8. Very unique to see one woman cheer in the Pro Bowl representing two different teams. Congrats to Miss Jackie. :)

    9. congrats!!! you are a class act jackie!!!

    10. Congrats Jackie! Very much deserved!

    11. Congratulations Jackie! I voted for you! You WILL represent WELL! :)

    12. Sherri McFadden says:

      Where is the video of the announcement? You usually put that up for us to see. So happy for her but this website is really lacking in videos this year.

    13. Charla Lowery says:

      Love it! Congrats Jackie!

    14. Dee Clark says:

      Congratulations Jackie!!!! You will be a GREAT rep for DCC PBC!!! BTW, I’m a little curious. Since there won’t be teams by conference this year at the Pro Bowl and instead Deon Sanders and Jerry Rice will be “drafting” the players for their teams, will NFL PBCs also be “drafted”? Just curious….Sounds like it will be a very unique Pro Bowl in any case. Enjoy!!!! Dee

    15. Congratulations Jackie. Great Job. Hope we get to see photos of you at Pro Bowl.

      I just came across a DCC message board searching for something else. Not sure if everyone knowes about this board but would like to share with those that do not.

    16. Congratulations Jackie Bob. You are making history and are becoming the role model of many young girls. You are defiantly mine

    17. Ginger Wilson says:

      too bad, you did not recognize your 6 yr vet; she is more talented than Jackie is. She is cute as can be; it’s a shame!

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