2014 DCC Squad Announced

2014 DCC Squad FINAL low resThe final roster for the 2014-2015 Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders has been announced. This year’s squad consists of 26 returning veterans and 10 rookies.


Year First Name Age Home town Occupation Academic Status/Degree
7 Sydney 24 Mission, TX Fashion Designer
5 Nicole 27 Twin Falls, ID Fitness Instructor BS-History & Justice Studies, Minor-Sociology
4 Angela 30 Sydney, Australia Spin Instructor BA Health Science & BA Chiropractic Science
4 Brittney 29 Dallas, TX Marketing BA – Sociology
4 Emma 26 Houston, TX BS – Sociology & MA – Teaching
4 Holly 24 Denton, TX Dance Teacher attending
4 Katy 25 Coppell, TX HR Generalist Communications
4 Veronica 26 Austin, TX Advertising Professional BA-Marketing
3 Ashley F 28 Sioux Falls, SD Academic Advisor Psychology B.A. & Couseling M.A.
3 Danielle 24 Holbrook, NY Receptionist Associates-Liberal Arts & Sciences
3 Jacie 23 Monroe, LA Journalist BA-Mass Communications
3 Jasmine 27 Maplewood, NJ Dance Teacher BA Media & Film
3 Jenna 20 Orange County, CA Student attending
3 Jennifer E 26 Jacksonville, FL Financial Analyst BS-Finance & BS-Real Estate
3 Jessica P 25 Cedar Rapids, IA Financial Analyst BS-Finance
3 Jordan 23 Plano, TX Project Coordinator BA-Broadcast Journalism
3 Kelsey 25 Eden Prairie, MN Marketing/Recruiting BS-Advertising/PR
3 Kinzie 20 Plano, TX Dance Teacher
2 Abby 23 Round Rock, TX Student attending
2 Ashley H 23 Chandler, AZ Sales
2 Jennifer A 25 Frisco, TX Dance Teacher and Barre Instructor
2 Jessica M 26 Albuquerque, NM Marketing Practice Coordinator BFA-Musical Theatre & MA-Media Arts
2 Jinelle 27 Melbourne, Australia Fitness Instructor/Student attending
2 Paige 25 West Dundee, IL Personal Banker BA-Foreign Languages & Business Admin
2 Rachel 24 Whitehouse, TX Student/Assistant/Dance Teacher attending
2 Samantha 21 San Marcos, CA Student attending
First Name Age Home town Occupation
Ashley P 22 Russellville, AR Physical Therapist Technician Bachelor of Health Sciences Pre-Physical Therapy
Breelan 19 Rockwall, TX Student attending
Caila 18 Sunnyvale, TX Dance Teacher attending
Courtney 24 Dover, FL Sales Rep Bachelor’s Degree-Communications
Erica 22 Friendswood, TX Nutritional Consultant/dance teacher BS-Public Relations
Lacey 18 Southlake, TX Student attending
Loren 27 McKinney, TX Dance Teacher BA-Psychology
Mary 22 Tulsa, OK Entrepreneur BA-Psychology
Melissa 21 Las Vegas, NV Student attending
Victoria 23 Arnaudville, LA Dental Hygienist BS-Dental Hygiene

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    1. Congratulations ladies! Disappointed that Vivian and Ashley I think is her name didn’t make it.

      Loren looks much better as a brunette.

      Melissa is one of my faves. Congrats!

    2. wow i really like the dallas cowboys cheerleaders they are beautiful and pretty cute wonderful and very special and I apoligize for not writing you ladies back,i’ve been so busy with the 2014 midterm elections and 2016 presidentail campaign as well,i’ve sent y’all fan letters,post cards,christmas cards,valentines day cards,birthday cards as well, all rookie dcc girls and veterian dcc grils are beautiful,pretty,cute,wonderful,sexy,very special ladies and all beautiful women,pretty girls as well, i love girls they rock as well.

    3. So sad about Vivian. I haven’t seen the full season yet but just kept praying that everyone was wrong about her. What really happened? Was it the” legs in the boot” thing???? Read my lips…they make the boots with a shorter shaft- for shorter ladies! That’s it. They dance just as beautifully as taller ladies. Man!

    4. Linda McGrory says:

      I am wondering what happened to the lady ..18 Years old ..her name was Kathy Lee or something..blonde she was in the rookie last season…what happened to her this time around? Do you have any idea????

    5. Mary Beavers says:

      I miss McKinsee!!!

    6. I say I want to date DCC Caila

    7. Christine says:

      Courtney needs to grow up. On Making the Team 9, she cried several times. Recently, I saw her on Yes, to the Dress, Atlanta and she cried until her father agreed with the dress she liked. Courtney has to stop crying like a baby or a spoiled brat who cries until she gets her way.

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