Vote Now For Your Favorite DCC Finalists


For the first time in the history of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, fans will have the opportunity to judge who will make up next season’s team.

“Fans will get to vote on their favorite rookie and the rookie receiving the most votes will get a guaranteed invitation to training camp,” said Kelli Finglass, director of the DCC.

Every rookie that makes it to the final auditions will be eligible to receive votes. Each candidate will also have her own bio page with pictures, video and information available online to help fans make their selection.

“We’ve really embraced social media over the last couple of years,” said Finglass. “Each day we interact with our fans on Twitter and Facebook, which reminds me that we are truly in the fan business.”

The DCC have twitter accounts for current members on the team to interact with fans on a one-on-one level.

“The idea for fan voting was inspired by fan interaction and feedback the DCC have received from our Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts,” said Finglass. “I believe it will be fun and refreshing to have our fans play a significant role in the selection of our team.”

Voting is open online at until May 17 and will be limited to one vote per e-mail address.

You can follow the buzz surrounding the DCC voting on Twitter with the hashtag #DCCvote.


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    1. my vote is already totally 4 miss rachel that was in training camp last yr but didnt make it cause of her injury. so she definetly has my vote and hopefully she will not only get a pass into camp but will make the squad this time around.

      • sara a olsen says:

        yes i all so feel the some why for miss rachel she did very wall last year in training camp till she got hurt and could not go on she as it going for her will make training camp and squad

    2. Heather says:

      Voting for Kathryn Dunn!!! This is her year! #TeamDunn

    3. DEONNA the girl from HAWAII is definitely getting my vote!!! One of the better dancers here by far and her exotic look is stunning ; ) I think it’s time the cowboys had some “ALOHA” spirit!!! #TeamDeonna #TeamALOHA

    4. Shannon says:

      So hard to decide! But I had to put Rachel and Kathryn D. on my list. Both girls look great and I hope they do well this year.

    5. Letssss gooo breelaaaaannnnnnn!!!vote breeeelaan yalll

    6. Voting for De’janae Parkman!!!!!!! Go De”Ja! Team De’ja! It’s your year!

    7. Emily R has worked so hard to make her dream come true and she will! Her faith, will and determination have inspired so many to pursue their own dreams! She has my vote and those of her friends, family and supporters!

    8. Shara Castaneda says:

      My vote is for Miss Emily Roslyn because for one she is absolutely beautiful & she has worked extremely hard to reach this dream of hers. She is truly an inspiration to many & i know she will keep on doing great things. You have a very bright future & i know you can do anything you put your heart & mind to. #TEAMEMILYROSLYN

    9. Voted for the marvelous Emily V., she puts so much hard work, dedication and heart into what she does; and you can’t help but smile back at the most gorgeous warmth of her smile. How can you not vote for a strong, hard-working woman like that! TEAM EMILY!!!

    10. My vote is for EMILY R because she is such a determined and dedicated young lady that many admire. She lights up a room by walking in with such positive energy and beautiful smile! This has been a dream to her and she is fighting so hard to achieve it! That’s a true role model and a true important asset to the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders!

    11. James Onzo Jones says:

      I vote for Emily R. because I’ve known her and noticed that she is a caring person, and she will work her way to the top. Also she is self motivated and self confident and doesn’t floss herself around like a lot of other girls. She knows what she wants and she always seems to have her life and her goals planned out.

    12. Big Carlos says:

      I voted for Emily Roslyn one of my main reasons why I voted for her because we need a Latina lady in our team which means more support from our community… GO EMILY!!!

    13. Wayne Britt says:

      I have been a Dallas Cowboy fan since 1969 so to be able to participate in any Cowboys Fan Voting I have to do it. Go Emily Roslyn

    14. Tiffany Saenz says:

      I’m voting for Emily Roslyn I know she’s gonna make it because she’s a great cheerleader has a lot of experience in it she’s so beautiful and is generally a great person and has a wonderful heart and personality. She gots this in the bag.!!!!! This is team Emily over here!!!!!!!!!

    15. im also voting 4 that lauren stanley reed gal from the msu pom squad. such a pretty girl and shes got dcc writen all over her lol. theres an article about her on ultimate cheerleaders.

    16. Miss Emily Roslyn has my vote all the way!
      I remember back in High School when she would say that she wanted to be a DCC, but I never thought she would actually take that step and try out! But she did and I’m so proud of her. She deserves this. This is her dream and she’s focused on it. And I support her all the way.

    17. Vanessa says:

      My vote is for EMILY R! Because within the past year I have seen her prepare for this journey! Countless hours in the dance studio, gym and eating healthy. She is beautiful inside and out and deserves a spot on the team! She’s so energetic and always has a smile on her face!

    18. I voted for Miss Emily Rosyln..I believe she’s beautiful inside and out…and being a huge Cowboy Fan, and having a Cheerleader as a friend just makes me feel very proud..good luck sweetie..

    19. I voted for Kathryn, she sparkles and would be a lovely DCC.

    20. super idea! fun routine. gl to the girls.

      online audition as well to get to semi-finals for next year??

    21. I don’t understand how the girls never have changed in the top 10 for the whole time???

    22. I want to vote for #DCCVoteMallory

      How do I do that?
      Mallory is a lovely blond, granddaughter of my dear friend (Helga) and she wants me to vote. How is this accomplished?

    23. I want to vote for Mallory Ann from Plan, TX.

      How can I do this?

    24. Deidrah Dade says:

      Go DeJanae Palais Royale fully supports you!! Give’em your best shot !

    25. I’m voting for Ashley M., the beautiful girl from Arkansas. Looks one of the very few TRUE cheerleaders competing…GO ASHLEY(M) PRO GO!!

    26. Amy Paredes says:

      Jessica Montoya, you have my vote! Good luck to you on this amazing journey. Albuquerque, NM is cheering you on.

    27. Voting for Emily R. Good luck Emily!!

    28. linda meyer says:

      Emily R may have worked hard, but its about how good u are. The other girls seem to have better skills however my vote goes to Danaaaaa. :))

    29. My votes for Ashley M. Like Jerry Jones, she’s from Arkansas!! Word is she is the real deal! A true World Champion Cheerleader (Cheer Athletics Fiercekatz, 2009 International Open Level 5). Former High School 2 sport standout, and 4 years at Baylor, cheering for Robert Griffin III and Brittany Griner! (40-0 NCAA Champions). This girl brings pure, wholesome excitement!! Go Ashley M Go!!

    30. My votes for Kathryn Dunn and Ashley M! Both beautiful girls and I feel like that’s what this team needs! Those two girls stand out when they dance. Beautiful beautiful faces!

    31. Breelan, Ashley m. And Paige A… Beautiful faces and great dancers. All 3 stand out when they dance. In love with all 3!!

    32. Lauren all the way. Great young lady. Fantastic Dancer!!Beautiful inside and out…. perfect for DCC

    33. omg dcc fans theres some very sad news in the dcc world….. there r 3 veteran cheerleaders that did not make it back 2 the squad this season. those girls being collin, teri and kali. im super sad about collin not returning cause shes been my favorite cheerleader since last season and im really sad that teri and kali wont be returning either. but hey its quite alright cause theres 15 great 2nd yr veterans that returned and im very happy 4 the rest of the gals that made it. still sad about collin teri and kali:(

    34. sylvia noaeill says:

      Vivian, Vivian, Vivian:)

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