You Be the Judge Winner Announced

You Be the Judge

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    1. Congratulations viviana and you will make a good Dallas cowboys cheerleader and You
      Are PRetty as all other dallas cowboys cheerleaders are all beautiful women and You Go Girl,space the final frontier,these are the voyages of the star ship enterprise,Continuing 5 year mission,explore strange new worlds,seek out new life civilizations,boldly go where no
      training camp candidate has gon before,good luck,have fun and you’ll do just fine as america’s sweethearts.
      chris hampton

      • I want katlin ilsieg back… probably messed her name up…lol.. but she was awesome !
        what happen to Meagan Colleen…? and does anyone know if Cassie Kay, the Torres sister, and the other DCC that were cut last year even tried back out this year

        • It’s “Kaitlin Ilseng” and she retired after the 2011 football season because she was planning her wedding. I believe “Colleen Meghan” decided to retire so that she could attend graduate school. “Cassie K.” is currently studying abroad in Australia, Meghan Michelle moved back to her home state, Alyssa Torres decided not to reaudition this year and I’m not sure what Jenna Allison & Kamilah Brett have been up to.

    2. christine sanders says:

      Who else made it into training camp?

    3. Buggiefan says:

      I am not impressed with her. I did not pick her. She looks like a Redskin cheerleader not a Cowboys’. She seems boring and did not grab my attention. I don’t think she has enough dance experience. I do not think she is going to make it. There were other women better looking and would represent our team much better.

      • I know Vivian personally and if anyone deserves to be a DCC it’s her. She’s walking proof that hard work and dedication can achieve your wildest dreams. Enough dance experience? Apparently that didn’t stop people from voting. God blessed her because she DESERVES it.

    4. keith corey says:

      Is your training camp going to televised again this year? If so, when does it start, and on what channel?

      • Hillary says:

        Yes it is, Kelli announced it on Twitter last month. It starts August 16th, at 8 or 9 PM, I don’t remember the time & it will be on CMT.

    5. When are we going to see a picture of the 2013 TCCs with names? I know everybody is dying to know who made it.

    6. pedro carvajal says:

      hey vivian u look gorgeous!!! great job

    7. does anyone know if Jacie Veronica returned? I love her!!!!!!!!

    8. Brian Barnes says:

      Cassie Trammell should be one of the judges and also one of the coaches.

    9. whitney low says:

      hey did great and you deffinitly deserved it.You go girl!!!!!You are a great chealeader.Good luck with your future chealeading.I know you will be great!!!

    10. Lulu from Coppell says:

      Apparently, I misunderstood something. The show just premiered today 9-6-13, and I came here to vote, but now I am confused. It looks like everything is all “said and done.”
      For the record, though, I was VERY PLEASED to see Vivian was the one selected by the fans, and she is the one I would have voted for! What an inspiring story, and such a beautiful girl. I love the DCC, and the show!

    11. I was pleased that Vivian made it into camp. I’m displeased that I didn’t see her name on the team roster. Why didn’t Courtney Cook make it back on the team? Yes Whitney will be missed on the team, she was THE best dancer, I loved her style and projection. Who can match that.

    12. AnnMarie B says:

      What a shame that Vivian wasn’t chosen in the final squad of the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. She had such a great personality, beautiful smile and a good dancer. She worked so hard to lose weight and be in shape. I thought she was own of the cutest rookies and she was the fan favorite.

      I also thought it was in poor taste for Kelli to say Vivian looked raunchy when she danced.
      “Hello” I couldn’t count the times they were told to be more “sexy” and the uniforms seem to get skimpier every year. Class and elegance isn’t in showing more of your body but projecting a wholesome image that you would want your daughter to immitate.

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