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Gameday Sheet: Game 2

Game Two

Our second and final home preseason game was held at Cowboys Stadium on Wednesday, Aug. 29 against the Miami Dolphins. With only three days in between the last two exhibition outings, and with practice on two of those days, we were all both mentally and physically exhausted. However, when Wednesday morning came around, NOTHING got in the way of our excitement to cheer on America’s Team, our passion to perform for a stadium full of loud fans, and our eagerness to be on the field. Game day is the best day!

We arrived at Valley Ranch to load the bus and head to Cowboys Stadium a few hours (actually about five hours) before kickoff. All of us were smiling from ear to ear, reviewing sideline routines, sipping on coffee for extra energy and loading our stuffed bubblegum pink suitcases and uniquely wrapped game-day gifts on the bus.

Game-day gifts are one of my favorite DCC traditions. As you know, our team is divided into four groups on the field. On game day, one person in each of the four groups gives a fun, unique and personalized gift to the other members of her group.

For the first game, Mia (my second leader) and I (leader) worked together to give our group a great gift. We gave a navy blue dog bed that is not only comfortable to sit and relax on, but it also fits perfectly in our big, individual DCC lockers. We had a cute cheerleader (matching hair and eye colors for each girl) embroidered on the top of the bed along with each girl’s name and “Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.” We also gave bright pink and black roll-up makeup bags containing necessary game-day essentials, and a comfortable white, oversized shirt with “DCC” embroidered on the pocket. The other girls also gave their groups comfy dog beds to relax on, while Jackie gave her group a personalized bathrobe, Whitney gave Victoria’s Secret PINK Dallas Cowboys t-shirts to her group, and Cassie designed adorable “Kelli [Finglass] is my homegirl,” tees.

Like I mentioned before, game-day gifts are one my favorite DCC traditions. Not only is it fun because it feels like opening presents on Christmas morning every game day, but each gift is memorable and lasts a lifetime. I still wear personalized t-shirts that were given as game-day gifts my rookie season at Texas Stadium, which reminds me of all of the wonderful memories that happened in 2008, my first year.

This game, Kim gave my group (Group Three) rhinestoned navy tank tops that said “America’s Sweethearts.” Meagan (Group Four) gave her group Victoria’s Secret PINK Dallas Cowboys sweatshirts. Jenna (Group Two) gave engraved military dog tags and bedazzled football purses. And Veronica (Group One) gave “Everyone Loves a Cowboys Cheerleader” tees, puffy bulletin boards with cute group photos, and comfy neck pillows. I LOVE group gifts!

For Game Two, we did the following performances:

Plaza Performance by Group Two: Loud by Big & Rich

Pregame: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Quarter One: She’s Country by Jason Aldean
Quarter Two: Now Or Never by Outasight
Quarter Three: Loud by Big & Rich
Quarter Four: Run the World by Beyoncé

A huge congratulations to our Planet Tan GAMEDAY GIRL, five-year veteran Whitney Isleib!

The game was great. Although it came just a few days after the previous home preseason game, we all brushed off the fact that we were exhausted, and gave over 110% to our performance, our fans and our organization. We left with a WIN against the Dolphins, 30-13.

Now it is time to kick off the regular season next Wednesday, with the Cowboys vs. Giants in New York, and prepare for our regular season home opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday, Sept. 23.

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