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Gameday Sheet: Game 3

With our home opener having been held on Sept. 23 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, I can tell you that regular season games are even more exciting to cheer at. From the moment we step out on the field to the famous, “Ladies and gentlemen, the often imitated, never equaled … ” introduction, the crowd goes wild. During our kick line, we are all filled with an extra rush of excitement and adrenaline because with every high kick, and especially following the jump-split finale, the cheers from the crowd are like no other. Cowboys fans are the BEST!

This game was very unique because many members from the winning Super Bowl teams of the 1970s and 1990s joined us on the field during halftime. This was also the first halftime production for our 2012 rookie cheerleaders.

The four group leaders led the players onto the field. I walked in front of the ’70s players, and Jackie Bob walked behind them in order to keep them in a single file line, midfield, from the star out to the 35-yard line. I could see the excitement in the players’ eyes as they stepped on the field.


Whitney Isleib led out the players from the ’90s, and Cassie Trammell walked behind them. The rest of the girls cheered on the players as they walked down the 50-yard line to a memorable video containing highlights from their years with the Cowboys. This was an honorable moment in team history that I am very thankful we were a part of. The five Super Bowl banners that came over from Texas Stadium also made their first appearance at Cowboys Stadium during this game.

This home opener was also an opportunity for the Dallas Cowboys to celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month. The National Anthem featured a Hispanic theme with performers dressed in traditional outfits holding a field-length American flag. Also, there were various performances going on prior to the game, and tons of celebratory Hispanic Heritage Month graphics and decor could be seen throughout Cowboys Stadium.

For our regular season home opener, we did the following performances:

Plaza Performance by Group Three: Run by Flo Rida

Pregame: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Quarter One: Scream by Usher
Quarter Two: 5150 by Dierks Bentley
Quarter Three: Back In Time by Pitbull
Quarter Four: Run by Flo Rida

Congrats to our Planet Tan GAMEDAY GIRL, two-year veteran (of Group Three), Emma Mary!

Leaving Cowboys Stadium with a WIN was a wonderful way to begin our regular season of cheering on the sidelines. Now it’s time to prepare for the next game on Oct. 1 against the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football.

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, so this game we will be performing during halftime wearing bright pink, polka-dotted outfits. That means a week full of rehearsals in order to be ready!

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