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Gameday Sheet: Game 4

Every October, NFL teams show their support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The league, players, coaches, cheerleaders and many others join together to honor the symbol of the breast cancer battle, the pink ribbon, by sporting various pink gear during games. Even Ticketmaster changed its ticket colors to pink this season.

This past Monday, Oct. 1, was not only the Dallas Cowboys’ only Monday Night Football game of the 2012 season, but it was also the NFL’s special kickoff game for Breast Cancer Awareness. This particular night included performances from Cirque Due Soleil’s Kooza show on the East Plaza at Cowboys Stadium before the game and 50 youth members of the Texas Boys Choir singing our National Anthem. We also performed during halftime and were joined by Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders alumni and over 500 survivors from Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Cowboys Stadium and the entire Dallas Cowboys organization were definitely PINK. Our silver and blue pompoms had a burst of pink in them, we replaced one of our 15 traditional blue uniform stars on our vest with a bright pink star, and we traded in our white cowboy boots for a special edition Lucchese boot that featured a pink star and pink stitching. During halftime, we changed out of our star-spangled uniform into pink polka-dotted “Swing” costumes with ruffled socks and white Nfinity tennis shoes.

We did the following performances:

Plaza Performance by Group Four: I’m on a Roll by Stefano

Pregame: Thunderstruck by AC/DC

Quarter One: Fastest Girl In Town by Miranda Lambert
Halftime: Swing Medley (A halftime show that celebrated life and solidarity against the worldwide fight against breast cancer.)
Quarter Three: I’m on a Roll by Stefano
Quarter Four: Hands Up In the Air by Timbaland

I was selected to be the Planet Tan GAMEDAY GIRL this game! My teammates really surprised me. Jackie ran in and taped the sheet with my photo on it to the wall by the entrance to our locker room. When I came in from rehearsal that morning before the game and saw my photo, my first words were, “What is that doing there?” Then I realized what it was! My friends gathered around for a big group hug.

I felt … well, I felt pretty special at that moment! Not only was I honored to be the Gameday Girl during Monday Night Football this season, but it reminded me how truly thankful I am to Kelli and Judy for having had faith in me since my rookie year, when I was just 18 years old. I am thankful for my wonderful teammates who are all like family – like sisters – to me.

I believe in the saying that it is important to surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams, and I feel blessed that I am able to do that each and every day being a part of this great organization!

We didn’t leave Cowboys Stadium with a win from the players, but we definitely gave our all performing this game and left with a win in our hearts. It takes a lot of preparation to pull off an awesome halftime performance, especially one that has over 500 other cast members forming two human pink ribbons around us, and over 60 male athletes from Spirit Celebration tumbling and partnering with each of us. But in the end, we pulled it off. It felt amazing to be performing for a good cause.

Next up: our Halloween Halftime on Oct. 28. Follow me on Twitter at @DCC_Sydney for daily updates!

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    1. What is a Gameday Girl? Soooooo glad u posted the Pink Halftime! It was beyond amazing. Being a small time choreographer, I know how much work goes into the preparation of a big field performance. And to work w a new crew of guys has got to be challenging. I love following u all on the website as well as the “Making the Team”. Someday I hope to see u live! Keep up the fantastic work! What a classy organization!

    2. I love reading these! Thank you for doing them Sydney, I hope next year someone will take them over. I loved watching the half time performance, you all did such an amazing job!

    3. *Melinda*
      Gameday Girls were started a few years ago. They’re kind of like the featured DCC for that game. They get to be on the big screen while dancing and the squad considers it to be a huge honor because the GG is picked by Kelly and Judy (and the rest of the squad I THINK, not sure though).The other Gameday girls so far this season have been Whitney, Jackie Bob, and Emma.

      • Thanks for the explanation of “gameday girl”. Just another amazing way to honor you ladies. You all deserve it!

    4. Norma Valentini says:

      Congrats on being Gameday Girl. Would love to read what gifts were given in the pics.

    5. can somebody tell me again why the dcc is only using the rookies 1st and middle names? i just nvr really got the whole thing behind that reason why they were just using middle names. 2 me its kinda funny yet crazy lol .

    6. Sydney,you are always my game day girl. Congratulations on the radio gig.

    7. hey i just wanted to say that I love the cowboys and i stand by them if they win or lose. GO COWBOYS!!!!!

    8. hey i was just wanting to know what all do you have to know to try to make the squad??

    9. right now im only in middle school but i LOVE the cowboys and i was wanting to try out when i am 18 or 19

    10. love me i amawsome yeah my last name is alexis give u a hint lol

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