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Last Minute Switch-Up!

Everything about the game against the Redskins on Monday, Sept. 26 was awesome! There was only one small detail during halftime that caused a bit of a hiccup in our smooth operating game-day routine.

It all started when the zipper on Kelsi’s shorts kept catching before the game. Then, then during halftime, the zipper completely broke! Her group was on the other side of the stadium for the third quarter, which meant they had to leave early, before the quarter actually started.

We are not lucky enough to have tons of extra uniforms floating around the locker room. We get one, and we have to make sure it works and doesn’t need repairs. So, when Kelsi’s zipper broke in the middle of the game, there was nothing she could do!

Kelli ended up having one extra pair with her, in case of emergencies. These were the tiniest, shortest uniform shorts I have ever seen, and Kelsi is much taller than me. So when I saw Kelsi looking worried about how short they were, I just ran over and traded without even thinking. It’s just natural to always want to help someone in those situations because I’ve been there and not very many people wanted to help me out.

I accidentally grabbed the wrong pair once, after getting mine repaired, and asked just about everyone there if they could trade with me because they were way to small for my hips. Finally, after most people said no way, Whitney took one for the team and traded with me. I felt like I owed it to someone, so for the second half of Monday’s game, I traded my shorts with Kelsi. I literally just threw them at her and said go catch up with your group, hoping the others would fit.

The new shorts that I then put on had no stars or belt buckle, so about four girls were helping me transfer the stars and belt buckle from Kelsi’s damaged shorts to mine. It was literally teamwork at its best!

Sometimes when you are a DCC you have to make very quick adjustments. We all know how to do that, especially if you’ve been on USO Tours and know about how quick you have to think if something goes wrong with one of our costume changes for any of our 18 numbers in the show. It is constant teamwork that gets us through moments like Kelsi’s shorts breaking in the middle of a nationally televised Monday Night Football game! It seemed frantic and crazy at the time, but now it’s something that we can laugh about.

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