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Let’s Go Cowboys!

Being from Idaho and possessing very little allegiance to any professional team before moving here, put me at a disadvantage when entering the intense sports world of Dallas. It may have taken several years of cheering on the sidelines in college, Football for Dummies, my current part-time “job,” and living in Texas in general, to initiate my sports interest, but it is here to stay. I am happy to report that my apathy is now nonexistent!

I watched every stressful minute of the Rangers this year in the World Series and defended their chances of winning every day at work where Ally (from Missouri) was adamant that her Cardinals were going to win. She may have been right, but I never gave up hope and they still did a great job. My roomie dances for the Mavs and now I have even more reasons to watch their games and hold out for another championship this year despite the late start. And let’s not forget about the Stars; I brag about them being ranked first right now in the Pacific Division. So, that brings me to my favorite Dallas team – the Cowboys, and yes, we will make playoffs!

Dallas is a powerhouse in the professional sports world and I couldn’t be more proud of the teams working hard to keep the standards high down here. It gives me even more of a reason to think the Cowboys can pull out a win on Saturday against the Eagles, getting us one step closer to playoffs, where we do deserve to be. I know the cheerleaders are following these last games intently because the Facebook statuses were overjoyed with the ‘Boys’ win on Saturday and the Giant’s loss on Sunday! Even the girls on the USO tour managed to watch part of our game with the troops and see them come out victorious!

The energy when Dallas rallies around its teams is electrifying, and I look forward to that energy channeling into the game on Christmas Eve. Home-field advantage, coming off a big win against Tampa Bay, and our eight-minute Christmas routine in red velvet and feathered outfits will add up to a great game in my estimation!

See you all on Saturday!

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