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Optimistic About the Future!

Watching your favorite team fall behind after leading a game by so many points is very hard, especially when you are a cheerleader for them. Normal fans are able to show their emotions and get angry or upset, but as a DCC, we have to keep our composure and remain optimistic, even when we lose.

I think that the game against the Lions was one of the hardest losses I have ever had to push through. Not only do I get upset when we lose to anyone, but we had been up since 4 a.m., practicing all morning for halftime, and I really wanted to show everyone who didn’t believe in the Cowboys that we could take down the undefeated Lions and prove ourselves.

It was very tough because I love my Cowboys so much. It was such a hard game to watch, much less smile and dance through, but I know that we can come back after our bye week with a new, fresh outlook.

I remember another game like that since I have been a cheerleader, and I had the same exact feeling, except I really did cry that time! It was Dec. 19, 2008. I don’t know if I was crying because of how frustrated I was about losing to Baltimore the way we did, or that it was so unbelievably cold, or that it was the final game at Texas Stadium where I grew up watching my Cowboys play!

It was definitely a mixture, but I remember feeling so helpless as the Ravens ran back touchdown after touchdown, and I was watching it while wearing such a small uniform with only a jacket in the bone-chilling cold weather. At Cowboys Stadium, we don’t have to worry about that kind of stuff, so we can just focus all of our energies on watching the ‘Boys make a comeback if we are behind.

I know that we can come back from the collapse against Detroit. I believe in this football team and I know that we have enough talent and strength to do it. Even though Tony Romo had three interceptions, which is all the critics want to talk about, he still threw for 331 yards and three touchdowns as well.

We have all the talent we need! We just have to rest up our injuries this week, and figure out how to communicate a little better on the field. Then we can show the world when we play New England on Oct. 16. I still have full faith in my ‘Boys, and I believe we can still have a great season!

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